DOLCE gelato


What? DOLCE for gelato
Where? 414 Danforth ave (steps from Chester station)
Price? $3.75-6.75
The skinny: Dolce is well-known for their gelato and with both classic and bold flavours, you really can’t go wrong! Plus, if you can’t pick from their 40ish flavours available, you can test them until you’re satisfied! (don’t go all crazy though…)

I know there’s a location on College (697 College st) but the one on Danforth is the only one I’ve been too. It’s such a ritual for the dragonboat team—practice, pick up gyros from Messini’s, walk over to DOLCE for gelato! It just makes sense! haha

I normally get a fruity flavour and pair it with something a little more classic. Also, they make their own gelato and it’s definitely the good stuff!

That's twenty flavours of gelato right there. TWENTY! D:


They offer three bowl sizes as well as tubs. I’m always satisfied with a small but if you want to go all the way with a large, then more power to you! ;D 

While I take my sweet time deciding what flavours to get, one of my friends already got his gelato and started to enjoy it. Points for decisiveness! He got cheesecake, banana and strawberry. 

I end up choosing a couple of my all-time favourite flavours: (Sicilian) pistachio and raspberry. It’s been awhile since I’ve had gelato so this was more than welcomed. By the way, here’s my experience of gelato in France from a Torino gelato parlour (Pozzetto)!

It’s a pretty sizeable portion the small ($3.75/2 flavours). So pleased. You can really taste the nuttiness or the pistachio. I love the sweet and tart combo in cold desserts (yeah, uber-specific) so raspberry’s right up my alley. 

My other friend got cheesecake and blood orange. She wasn’t a huge fan of the blood orange. I tried a bit, I liked it (huge citrus fan). Really, gelato isn’t cheap and considering all the flavours available, you should definitely taste a few before ordering. 

Although not often ordered, they do have Dufflet desserts and other pastries as well. Off to the right side you can see the biscotti that you can pair with a cappucino if it’s too cold for gelato…but we all know it’s never too cold for gelato right? ;)

So smooth and rich in flavour!! I love going back and forth between the intense deep flavour of the pistachio and the refreshing raspberry. Such a banging combination of both flavours and colours....(I can hear someone disagreeing with me but I don't care. haha)

Verdict? Service ain’t amazing, but it’s decent. I haven’t had much gelato in Toronto, but this is my go-to place. I don’t have it often so I give into my cravings if I’m nearby.

Check ‘em out!  http://www.dolcegelato.net/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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