Green Tea Pistachio Macarons


Time for some more macarons! This is my second attempt at the same recipe as last time (grapefruit macaron). Macarons, the epitome of French confection. Mad complicated and tricky to make, but infinitely variable in terms of flavours.  

The recipe can be found here. The only thing I changed was substituted the grapefruit zest and red/yellow food colouring for matcha powder and a teensy bit of green food colouring. 

Struggles. The aging of the egg whites was a hilariously frustrating stage. I called my brother from our new place to help me out by separating the egg whites from the yolks. I come home the next morning to find a few dots of yolk in the whites. WAHHH!

Ground almonds. It’s not fine enough so I had to use my sketchy ladle/bowl version of a mortar and pestle. It was pretty labour-intensive but it’s worth it. If you can, get your hands on almond flour. ;) Save your time! haha

Whisking process. Same as last time,  2 mins at each speed (2, 4, 6, 8). Unfortunately, I could tell that the tainted egg whites (even if it was minimal) did me in. :( boo. They couldn’t achieve the same stiffness as last time. 

After a couple teaspoons of matcha powder and drops of green food colouring, we went from a regular macaron batter to green tea macaron! :D

By twisting the end of the pastry bag right at the tip, you prevent any batter from leaking out and being wasted. No leakage, sweet. 

The egg whites didn’t hold up well enough so in turn the macaron batter wasn’t the greatest. I figured maybe if I let them sit a little longer, they’d dry up nicely and correct my mistake? At least I remembered to tap the pan this time! 

Before popping them into the oven, I sprinkled some chopped pistachios on half of the macaron tops. 12 minutes later, voilà! Little feet!!! Carmen = happy. 

Still, the macaron batter wasn’t perfect so it spread out while baking.

Now time for the buttercream. I used the same swiss buttercream as last time but with a couple of adjustments. A bit more matcha powder and some finely crushed pistachios. Yum! <-- well, that was the idea.

The macarons look a bit sloppy with the little bits here and there where the batter seeped out.

And there you go! Green tea pistachio macarons! The taste was good. I could’ve afforded to put more pistachio in the buttercream. There’s also the issue of the lack of general uniformity in the macarons shells. Well, for the most part I found matching pairs.

Looks meh in the middle. Could be better. Next time, well aged PURE egg whites. Egg yolks be gone!Also, it's browning too much on the bottom...perhaps I should try using parchment paper instead of Silpat.

Here are both of the macarons flavours ready for pickup! (the main reason why I made these were for my friend who asked if I was up for a dessert challenge. Hells yeah I am!!). 


  1. They look good! I love the colours :) I NEVER remember to tap the baking trays so no worries, it's not just you :) The silpat actually don't work that well for me.. the bottoms always get burnt. Maybe it's my oven, but the parchment paper always works better for me!

    1. Thanks! yep, I'm definitely gonna use parchment paper next time. The silpat is really convenient and saves paper but it retains so much heat and for too long as well!

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