La Bamboche


What? La Bamboche for macarons
Where? 4 Manor Rd. E (5 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $2.75/macaron (changed now)
The skinny: La Bamboche with its two locations (midtown at Manor rd and at Avenue rd), was opened in 2005. It’s a pâtisserie that’s quite well known for their (classic and imaginative) macarons, croissants, and Japanese inspired cakes.

If you enjoy desserts, especially French ones, La Bamboche should be on your list of pâtisseries to hit up. Flawless and clean execution of desserts, pastries, and confections. 

Finally, I made my way there! I’ve got some crème de marrons that I haven’t used yet but I now know the perfect use Mont Blanc. :D They make their own jams and spreads. Good stuff. 

Here it is, the reason why I went: les macarons. Almond flour + icing sugar + egg white = iconic confection. That day, they had 12 flavours available. On twitter (@labambocheTO), I’m always seeing photos of new products that they’re testing out, including different macarons flavours. That’s super exciting! Variety is the spice of life! ;D

Adding some “fresh” ones to the display! Not surprisingly, I had a really tough time choosing what I wanted to try. 

In the end, I choose according to what sounded good, what I know I’d like, what was recommended, and colour coordination (yes, I’m “such a girl”.) The plastic case is an extra cost but worth it knowing my track record of transporting macarons home…(I once crushed 4 macarons)

Pistachio macaron
All the macarons look great and they’re the biggest ones I’ve had yet. My parents and I love pistachio macarons. I get them every time I try a new pâtisserie (had them at Petite Thuet, Patachou, Bobbette & Belle, Georges Larnicol, etc).

I’m used to buttercream that’s lightly coloured (thanks to the food colour powdering). The buttercream here is flamboyant and has clearly got some pistachio paste in there. Oh yeah it was good!

Mystery flavour macaron
I’m pretty sure it was strawberry. As per usual, beautifully light macaron. I loved the buttercream!

Yuzu macaron
Yuzu is a Chinese citrus fruit (but seen much more often in Japanese cuisine now). It’s got a tart flavour and is also somewhat similar to mandarins. 

My parents really liked this macaron. I’m not surprised…haha It wasn’t too sweet (macarons aren’t by nature) and the citrus flavour makes it even lighter.

Caramel Sea Salt macaron
This may be just me, but this is a classic flavour that I almost always get each time I pick up macarons. This one was exceptional. Besides the buttercream, there was a piece of caramel toffee in the middle! That’s what made it. :D

Cassis macaron
“Cassis” is French for blackcurrant. I’ve had this flavour before (from Pusateri’s) and really enjoyed it. The one from La Bamboche is really different.

The sweetness is minimal and the filling was quite dense and rich. Definitely not what I had expected. 

Strawberry Champagne macaron
This is supposed to be a knockout flavour. I’d say it was for me. :D You can taste both the strawberry and champagne in the buttercream. Lovely! There’s even tiny bits of strawberry still visible in there. I’m not sure why the macaron shells are this pale blue, but it looked pretty! haha

Verdict: I’m coming back. I loved all the macarons. They changed the size (smaller) and pricing (less than the former $2.75) of the macarons now, so what better excuse to have more?! ;D Next time, I’ll also pick up some of their “du jour” items, a cake or two, and definitely a croissant.

Check ‘em out!  http://www.labamboche.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. You didn't try the mango green tea? :O

  2. love the pearl on the last one!! and ditto about the mango green tea!