Marty's Cheesecake


Who doesn’t love cheesecake?! Rhetorical question because I don’t see how anyone can turn down the creamy richness that is cheesecake. If you don’t like this dessert, I truly believe that you just didn’t get your perfect slice yet. ;D 

There are so many variations for cheesecake so I’m always up for trying a new recipe. I’m looking for that indispensable recipe! This one’s from the “Marty’s World Famous Cookbook”. Even when I have a cookbook, I still like to write out the recipe as I use it. Gotta keep them clean you know! 

Pastry crust ingredients. Crusts are scary for me so although they’re not hard to make, I’m always very cautious. 

It doesn’t help either that I don’t have a rolling pin anymore. This is one of those (formerly) huge plastic wrap rolls that I’ve been using. The cardboard roll is surprisingly sturdy!

I should’ve rolled the dough onto the base of the pan first instead of having the ring attached already. Oops. 

Now onto the cheesecake batter itself! :D I think this is the first time that I’ve put flour into my cheese batter. Keep scrolling down to see how it turned out!

For lightness, whip the egg whites separately to stiff peaks. Set aside. 

Anyone else fascinated by how the volume of egg whites can increase exponentially. I still think it’s crazy how much air you can incorporate into them!

Following the recipe, you bake the bottom of the crust first, then press the side in. Docking the pie crust ensures that air can escape, or else you’ll get bubbles. 

The rest of the batter comes together pretty easily. Make sure there aren’t any lumps of cream cheese left because even when mixed at room temperature, your mixer might miss some bits. Just press them against the sides of the bowl with a spatula. 

Fold the egg whites into the rest of the batter. 

The batter should be really light now. At this point, I can tell that it’s not going to fit into my 6-inch springform. Oops. D: 

I made a nice sizable batch of lemon curd so that explains all the baked goods that I’ve chucked it into haha. Here, I simply swirled some dollops into the batter. 

There it is! Ready for the oven. 

I just plunked the excess batter into two ramekins and swirled in more lemon curd. :)

See how it has risen in the oven (left) but deflates afterwards (right)? That really scared me for the actual cheesecake…and of course that happens. And it looks even odder. 

Here’s the finished product. I think if I hadn’t rolled the dough up so high on the sides, it’d look better since there wouldn’t be batter clinging to it as it deflates. Oops. Taste-wise though, good. Everything’s there, that yummy cheesecake taste, the lush texture, and the slight lemony zing. I wish I baked more…haha 


  1. That's super cute, ♥ cheesecake
    You have to bake sth else for us to try next time, the cupcake was so yummy last time ;)

    1. haha sure, i'll definitely bake something!

  2. I like how you write your recipes. I'm so lazy that I just drag my laptop down to the kitchen counter, lol

    1. my laptop's way too klunky and crappy for that haha I can't use it w/o the power cord plugged in!