What? Bestellen for dinner
Where? 972 College st w (506 streetcar from College station)
Price? $30-$60
The skinny: Bestellen, which in German means “to order”, is all about having a relaxed meal, while experiencing great food. Opened by Chef Rob Rossi (former executive chef of Mercatto) and co-owner Ryan Sarfeld (former FOH manager of Mercatto), Bestellen features food with Italian, French, and of course German influences.


Happy Mother’s Day! Matcha Layer Cake


Mother’s Day is that excuse of a day to thank the women in your lives who have made you who you are today. You should be thanking them everyday ;) But then again, an excuse to spoil them?! Perfect. 

Mango Cupcakes w/ Lime Whip


It’s rare for me to have mangoes on hand so when I do, we usually just eat them as is. In the off chance that I’m not that lazy, I’ll actually make something with them! :D Considering my last attempt at mango cupcakes wasn’t what I wanted, I decided to give it another go. 


Harlem East


 What? Harlem East for dinner
Where? 67 Richmond st e (6 min walk from Queen station)
Price? $20-$30 (mains $16-$23)
The skinny:Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, Harlem celebrates the joy of Toronto’s cultural diversity and the art of entertaining. It is a rebirth of creativity in Food, Art, Music, and Cocktails.”


Banh Mi Boys


What? Banh Mi Boys for “snacks”
Where? 392 Queen st w (501 Queen streetcar OR 510 Spadina streetcar)
Price? $5-$10
The skinny: Just a few weeks ago, Banh Mi Boys reopened up their newly renovated space just off of Queen and Spadina. Think a sandwich shop with Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese influences and put that all into delicious offerings. Not expensive at all, you’ll consistently find a line up at lunch and dinner.


Bellwoods Brewery


What? Bellwoods Brewery for dinner
Where? 124 Ossington ave (63 bus from Ossington OR 505 Dundas streetcar)
Price? $10-$40
The skinny: “Chef Guy Rawlings and crew have put together a collection of delicious snacks and creations to enjoy along with our beer. It is possible to have a dinner at Bellwoods Brewery. The menu has been designed to encourage sharing and sampling across a number of small plates.”




What? Yogurty’s for froyo
Where? 527 Bloor st w (1 min walk from Bathurst station)
Price? $0.55/oz (don’t quote me on this, I’m not 100% sure)
The skinny: Everyone knows the whole fro-yo (or frozen yogourt) trend that’s still very much alive right now. Yogurty’s is yet another joint offering the low-cal dessert in several dozen flavours. The variety is insane!


Hollywood Gelato


What? Hollywood Gelato
Where? 1640 Bayview ave (54 Lawrence E bus from Eglinton station OR 11 Bayview bus)
Price? $4-6 ($21.95 for 1.5L take home)
The skinny: Every year, there’s a new food trend (or trends) that sweep the city. A few years back, it was gelato. Suddenly everyone loves it and couldn’t get enough. This is where Hollywood Gelato comes in, in-house made gelato consisting of both traditional and fun flavours!

Marben's Pigroast


Marben is definitely a place for everyone. Their menu is meant to be shared, which means you get to experience a nice variety. On top of that, they’ve got a pig roast every last Sunday of the month! And that’s exactly where I was headed…


Keriwa Cafe


What? Keriwa Cafe for dinner
Where? 1690 Queen st w (505 from Dundas west station // 501 Queen streetcar)
Price? $30-$60
The skinny: Chef and owner Aaron Joseph Bear Robe's Keriwa Cafe in Roncesvalles Village is garnering more and more attention. It's Toronto's only Native Canadian restaurant, taking inspiration but not always sticking strictly to it's Aboriginal theme. Their brunch is hailed as one of the best in the city!
Stepping into the dining room at Keriwa Cafe is walking into a mosaic as rich as the heritage of Canada’s people, Aboriginal and non-aboriginal, that make up the culinary landscape of our country today.”


Peanut Butter Cookies


Anyone remember when you were a kid and you’d eat spoonfuls of peanut butter?! Well, I didn’t have that so much since my brother’s allergic to peanuts…but I ate (and still eat) spoonfuls of nutella! Does that make up for it?