Banh Mi Boys


What? Banh Mi Boys for “snacks”
Where? 392 Queen st w (501 Queen streetcar OR 510 Spadina streetcar)
Price? $5-$10
The skinny: Just a few weeks ago, Banh Mi Boys reopened up their newly renovated space just off of Queen and Spadina. Think a sandwich shop with Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese influences and put that all into delicious offerings. Not expensive at all, you’ll consistently find a line up at lunch and dinner.

Finally! Finally I’m trying Banh Mi Boys (@BanhMiBoys)! It was a close call though because of the crazy downpour and having walked all the way from Bellwoods Brewery to Chinatown. Good thing Vickie and Grace had a big enough craving for kimchi fries! haha The restaurant is really low key—order, pick up, EAT!

The menu is laid out very clearly in 4 sections: banh mi, taco, steamed bao. Together, they make up different delivery systems (that they make themselves!! ;D) for a variety of delicious fillings. And then you can complement all of that with the “sides”. 

Such a fun mural!

There isn’t a whole lot of seating space but then again, you’ll eat the food so quickly so it doesn’t quite matter. ;) 

The four of us shared their infamous kimchi fries and Vickie also got a braised beef cheek bao too. The poutine was so good! It’s quite an impressive portion so sharing with someone is a good idea. 

Not many people know this, but I have an aversion to raw onions/scallions/shallots. As in, if we go out for pho, you’ll see a little pile of scallion and onion slices to one side of my bowl by the end. Long story short, I readily ate the scallions along with every other component of the poutine because it all works better together. 

The night before the supposedly "huge" moon made its appearance...

Verdict: Very simply put, I’m coming back here for a full meal. ;) Gonna try my fill of their baos/tacos/banh mi with a friend willing to come out as well. This place ain’t tough to sell, their stuff’s GOOD and the vibe’s so chill so why wouldn’t you come?!

P.S. Hint hint nudge nudge! There may or may not be an off-menu item (aka secret menu!?) involving dun dun dun!! ;)

5 out of 5 NOMs
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