Bellwoods Brewery


What? Bellwoods Brewery for dinner
Where? 124 Ossington ave (63 bus from Ossington OR 505 Dundas streetcar)
Price? $10-$40
The skinny: “Chef Guy Rawlings and crew have put together a collection of delicious snacks and creations to enjoy along with our beer. It is possible to have a dinner at Bellwoods Brewery. The menu has been designed to encourage sharing and sampling across a number of small plates.”

Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) is a microbrewery that opened just about a month ago on the increasingly popular Ossington strip. Here, you can see their beer in large vats at the back of the restaurant. The promise is there for good beer and snacks via the skilled hands and imagination of Chef Guy Rawlings and his crew. :D 

A bunch of us girls decided to come here for a sort of girls’ night out. Beer + snacks = great time. ;) What we didn’t anticipate was our hunger. Snacks no longer sounded so...fulfilling. 

A few of us arrived a bit early, hoping to snag a table. There was still a wait so we went upstairs and away from the slight chill outside. Upstairs there’s a long row of seats, probably 9 or 10, overlooking the beer vats along with a few two-seater tables. 

A little natural light upstairs.

Perfect timing with the final two arrivals as we got our table then too! :D It was a nice little meet up and I was definitely looking forward to some great conversation with Grace (@foodinthecityTO)--nice to finally meet you in person!, Mary (@citrusblack), Jess (@wherejessate), and Vickie (@kikis_BFF). 

Let the drinking begin? We all ordered beer. No doubt they're all very fresh. The one I got was one of Bellwoods Brewery’s own; the Farmhouse Saison (6% APV, 7.5). It’s the “sweeter” one of the 8 beers they’ve got on tap (7 being their own). 

I really enjoyed it’s crispness but as usual with any type of alcohol, struggled to finish it. I should really think about inquiring about half glasses in the future…(feel so guilty about wasting! D:) I know, shame on me. 

Mary got the same beer as me while Grace and Kiki got the Witchshark IIPA (9% APV, 8.5) which is their strongest beer. Jess got their Common Pale Ale (5% APV, 7) which is more of a beer that appeals to the masses due to its subtleness.

To make things run smoothly, we ordered one of everything in the “sticks” and “plates” sections. (P.S. Sometimes it was a little hard to get notice, whether that was to order food/beer/get sharing plates etc.)

Potato – warm anchovy mayo (3)
Nothing overly special. It’s pleasant but not memorable. Although I gotta add that it does complement the beer well, which in the end, is the point. 

Cucumber – paprika, garlic (3)
I was wondering about the use of the skewer here—was it really necessary? haha Lackluster “stick” because from the bright paprika and the use of garlic (although minimal as it seems to be just two thin slices here) should be punches in flavour but weren’t.

Pig Heart – Serrano hot sauce (4)
Alright! Now we’re starting to get somewhere! :D Deceivingly simply looking, but quite delicious. The hot sauce we’re told is really spicy so I decided to stay away from it…it looked so tempting though! 

Lamb Tongue – walnut, raisin (4)
So this is the first that I’m reading about walnut being present in this dish…after having consumed it and not died. Sorry, to clear things up, I think this officially means that I’ve grown out of my allergy to walnuts!!! YAY! Also, I’d order another one of these because it was a bite of tastiness. 

Here's a tighter shot of the lamb tongue. It was very tender.

Crispy Pork – pea shoots, rehydrated peanuts, mustard sauce (9)
Honestly, I don’t remember this dish. All the dishes came in around the same time, perhaps a few minutes apart. And because of their size, that meant only a bite or two of each… Sorry, gonna have to refer you all to one of the others’ posts when they come out. 

Wheat Kernels – hen of the woods, chickweed (9)
Seems like this might be just me, but I really enjoyed this dish. It’s not very savoury nor salty, but just the nice textures present and the wholesomeness of the dish really appealed to me. Felt nice to sip beer and pop some wheat kernels...

Raw Beef & Sour Vegetables (10)
Yes yes yes. Sliced thin with the bite of the sour vegetables, this was a good plate of carpaccio. It’s not one dimensional at all! I’d order this again in a heartbeat!

Duck – hop shoots, beet (15)
At first sight, the duck looks tough. In truth, it was really tender! I love the deep colour of the beet jus but it was hard to really get any onto the duck. Thing is though, I feel like you’d be trading presentation for it to be more approachable in terms of tasting it with the meat.

Up above were the dishes and sticks that the five of us shared. No doubt the menu has since changed. We weren’t full by the end of our meal so we wandered…and eventually found ourselves at McDonalds caught in the rainstorm, then Banh Mi Boys.

Verdict? Although this didn’t exactly hit the spot for me this meal, that’s partly because of how hungry I was. I’d go back for a legit “beer and snacks” kind of meet up because I honestly really enjoyed the beer! Chef Guy Rawlings is definitely upping the ante on what we now consider as “bar food”. Rehydrated peanuts?! That’s not something you see everyday. And the raw beef? Great dish.

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Love chef Rawling's snacks! Unique and one of a kind :)

    1. Yep, they're definitely unique! I would've appreciated a lot more had i still been in the "snacks" mood.

    2. Great snacks but thought that it didn't really pair that well with Beer (maybe at least sth DF?!?)

    3. what does DF stand for? lol Hmm...were you expecting richer fare? I think i half wanted that too.