Happy Mother’s Day! Matcha Layer Cake


Mother’s Day is that excuse of a day to thank the women in your lives who have made you who you are today. You should be thanking them everyday ;) But then again, an excuse to spoil them?! Perfect. 

My mom’s all kinds of awesome. She’s been there for me through everything and I love her for that! So when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s my brother and my excuse to spoil her…get things for her that she wouldn’t get herself (ie. her fave, Body Shop mango body butter!!). Cake-wise, she likes green tea so that’s what I went for. 

The matcha I use isn’t top quality but it’s decent enough for me. 

I’ve tried another matcha cake recipe before but it never hurts to try another ;) Like the other, this one uses vegetable oil. A difference is the addition of yogurt. 

It’s good to whip up batter by hand once in awhile…mainly because I feel like I have less to wash afterwards haha. Flows in ribbons. Love that consistency!

Two 6-inch cakes in the oven. They rose considerably higher than I expected. But that’s a good thing because that means more cake to eat!

I wanted to kick up the buttercream from the regular so I thought of adding lime zest. Well, how about lime curd? Why not right? I mean I add lemon curd to my pancake batters so this isn’t that farfetched. 

I based the measurements off my lemon curd, simply using lime juice/zest in its place. 

As for the buttercream, I went for a French buttercream. In contrast with American buttercream that is very simple and is mainly butter + icing sugar, European buttercreams use a base of egg whites/yolks. That way, they come out very creamy and silky. 

To start, I had to get a sugar syrup going. Unfortunately, I ran out of granulated sugar so I tried going with all icing sugar…I was so nervous as to how it’d effect the final product. D:

Beat the egg whites and powdered sugar til soft peaks. Now time to slowly drizzle in the sugar syrup and continue beating the mixture til stiff peaks. 

Slowly mix in the softened butter, one tablespoon at a time. It’s important to allow each tablespoon to be fully incorporated before adding the next. In the end, you’re left with a glossy, luscious buttercream! 

I simply added the lime curd into the buttercream and bam! Special-ish buttercream. ;) 

Drawing inspiration from LeDolci (such a lovely cake here), I began piping rosettes all over the stacked cake. With a lack of a lazy susan, I couldn’t get the lower side of the cake properly. Just don’t look too closely and it’s fine haha. 

The final product. TA-DA! I tried piping stars to fill in the empty spots in between the rosettes. 

Not wanting the extra buttercream to go to waste, I piped a few more (unfortunately very sloppy) rosettes on the top. Oops. In the end, the matcha cake + lime curd buttercream combination tasted pretty good. 

What matters is whether or not my mom liked it, which she did. So yay! The recipe could use some tweaking as the cake still didn’t turn out as lightly as I wanted.

4 out of 5 NOMs



  1. this is the cutest cake! :)

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