Hollywood Gelato


What? Hollywood Gelato
Where? 1640 Bayview ave (54 Lawrence E bus from Eglinton station OR 11 Bayview bus)
Price? $4-6 ($21.95 for 1.5L take home)
The skinny: Every year, there’s a new food trend (or trends) that sweep the city. A few years back, it was gelato. Suddenly everyone loves it and couldn’t get enough. This is where Hollywood Gelato comes in, in-house made gelato consisting of both traditional and fun flavours!

Despite being full from our huge family style farewell dinner at Marben, we decided to continue the good times and go for a little dessert at Hollywood Gelato. Does anyone else find the duck riding on a bicycle with the flashing light a little creepy? Maybe it’s just me but it just doesn’t scream, “Welcome! Come in and have a great time!”
I didn't even bother getting a decent photo of this duck...just creeped me out alittle too much haha

Their flavours of the day are very neatly laid out for you. 22 flavours, that’s pretty impressive. 

It was odd. When the five of us arrived, there were a little over a handful of people there. As soon as we had gotten our gelato and sat down, BAM! A bunch of people magically appeared at the door. See, I’m telling you, it’s never too cold for gelato! ;)

With a pretty decent selection available, we chose to try 4 flavours: Rockey Rocher, Skor, Keylime Pie, and Sicilian Pistachio. 

Both the Rockey Rocher and the Skor were great flavours. The Sicilian pistachio tasted a little plain to me. Not enough true pistachio taste unlike DOLCE. The Keylime Pie…same idea here; alright, wasn’t blown away. 
Verdict: I love my pistachio gelato. Get that right and you’ve got me as a customer for life. Hollywood Gelato didn’t get me there. It seems like they have a knack more so for the chocolate-based (also candy) gelato flavours so this may be the place for a chocolate bar enthusiast?

Check em ‘out! www.hollywoodgelato.ca

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
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