Marben's Pigroast


Marben is definitely a place for everyone. Their menu is meant to be shared, which means you get to experience a nice variety. On top of that, they’ve got a pig roast every last Sunday of the month! And that’s exactly where I was headed…


…along with 40 or so others. Tonight was the Marben Sunday Pigroast Tweetup organized by Ken Samuel (@inyourmouthTO)! It was the farewell dinner for Chef Misha as he is moving to Australia with his wife (aka kangaroo land….kidding!). Last chance to experience his food! For a long while at least.  

It was a beautiful Sunday, it can’t get much more perfect than this considering the erratic weather we experienced the entire April. This is the first tweetup I’ve ever gone to yay! (but definitely not the first, or second time to Marben..teehee.)

The dinner was hosted in the Bavette space of Marben. It's pretty much a large dining room below the main restaurant used for various events for a more private experience. :D

This event also featured Great Lakes Brewery. They were founded in 1987 and operate out of Etobicoke. Now that’s true LOCAL beer for you! ;D They offered generous (might I add, continuous) samples of two of their beers: the Orange Peel Ale and their Crazy Canuck.

I didn’t quite get the first one but I enjoyed the second. Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that we were served the Crazy Canuck chilled…so it was very crisp and went well with the spiciness in the apple kimchi salad. 

Food time! It’s nice to not have to debate what to get. The pig roast works this way: $25/person gets you some of their roast pig along with a nice offering of sides—all family style. How much easier can it get? 

Sorry my photos didn’t turn out the best that night. Here’s the roast pig in all its glory! Very tender and full of flavour (aka fat). Wish there were more crunchy bits though…

Creamy Coleslawgrainy mustard, sunflower seeds
Love the crunchiness and the grainy mustard! This was a really nice coleslaw to accompany the fatty pork. :)

Fries truffle aioli, ketchup //  Baked Beans – cranberry beans, smoked pork
The fries were a nice cut and all but too salty. I normally go crazy for fries, but not this time…The smoked pork really elevated baked beans. I’m so used to my dad nuking a can of beans and steaming tofu if he cooks dinner so baked beans would never be something I’d order. 

Braised KaleYukon gold potatoes, pork drippings
I’ll be honest and say that I don’t quite remember what I thought of this side. 

Kimchi Apple Salad – toasted cashews, house fermented cabbage
Along with the coleslaw, this was the other dish that packed a bit more of a kick. A well-rounded side that oddly goes with the roasted pork if you think about it enough.

After our meal, a few of us went upstairs to the main level to say goodbye and thank Chef Misha for the food. He’s a really cool guy so definitely, wish him and his wife the best! (The photos are on Brian's camera)
This logo is from Great Lakes Brewery's Devil's Pale Ale ;)

Like I mentioned, my first tweetup. Not surprised that almost everyone else knew each other. All in all, I had an amazing time, made some new friends and finally met some in person! Haha Great meeting/finally chilling with you guys! Amy (@lu_amy7), Jess (@wherejessate), Mike, Joie (@zoeticepics), Brian (@byee19), Jon (@JonGauthier), Kevin (@kevinkcodes), and Andrew (@_aneb). AWESOME job organizing this Ken, thanks!! :D 

Can't wait for more tweetups and food adventures with you all! :D


  1. I like your pictures :)

    1. thanks Mary! I thought they were mostly meh..haha

  2. Like all the pics with teh camera and everyone text/tweeting :D

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