Peanut Butter Cookies


Anyone remember when you were a kid and you’d eat spoonfuls of peanut butter?! Well, I didn’t have that so much since my brother’s allergic to peanuts…but I ate (and still eat) spoonfuls of nutella! Does that make up for it?

One day I rebelled. Bought a jar of peanut butter and I eat PB&J sandwiches on the sly when my brother’s not home. I am such a villain! Ahhh! What I didn’t predict was just how many cookies you get from this recipe…(will post later tonight).

It's at about this time where I got that childhood experience I've always wanted: SPOONFUL OF PEANUT BUTTER IN MY MOUTH!!! (immediately followed by several gulps of milk but I did it!)

So I’m not saying this happened, but a certain person may or may not have been locked out of the condo for an hour because of the delicious deathly peanut butter cookie fumes.

First time making these, anyone else get this ice-cream like look on their cookie dough?! I wanted to eat it right then and there!

Start off by rolling little balls of cookie dough. When I bake, I prefer smaller cookies just because it makes more, plus I feel less guilty snacking on them. :D Also, peanut butter is really rich and if the cookie’s too thick, you’ll get the added richness of chewiness..

Got my fork to get those traditional criss-cross lines. Except that I only pressed it in once…oops haha

10 minutes later, ready to eat! :D Crunchy goodness! I found it a bit on the saltier side so I’ll probably put the full amount of sugar in next time. For the record, I had washed everything and aired out the condo by the time my brother came home. ;) 

Now that we've moved to a house I won't be able to bake these again for long while since we've got an open kitchen... :( Oh well. At least I've baked them once! And no accidents like me leaving a contaminated spoon out on the counter.