Father’s Day Tiramisu Cake!


Father’s Day, the day where you tell your dad you appreciate him, shower him with gifts (ie. paper ties, or real ones once you’ve collected enough dimes and nickels in your piggybank) and he just sits there and takes it like man. 


the mad italian


What? the mad Italian for gelato
Where? 589 College st (506 streetcar west from College or Queen’s Park station)
Price? $2.85-$5.85 (kiddie – large)
The skinny: Gelato gelato gelato. The mad italian is all about it. They’ve got over 50 flavours! And on top of that, they also serve hot food, including their “zazzu”, which is similar to a pizza in cone form.  


Crazy Banana Bread!


In the past month or two, I’ve baked my fair share of banana bread. I love the stuff! I’d like to believe that because there’s banana in there, I’m being healthy. Unfortunately, I’m the one baking it so I know exactly what goes into each loaf…sugar and butter-wise. Cringe!


Hogtown Pub & Oyster Grand Opening


What? Hogtown Pub & Oyster
Where? 633 College St W (506 streetcar west from College or Queen’s Park station)
Price? $10-$35 (they’ve got $1.5 oyster special!)
The skinny: The offerings are all in the name, Hogtown Pub & Oyster. At this gastropub, expect a good selection of beers on tap and good noshing to be had. Oh yes, and OYSTERS galore of course.


elle m'a dit


What? elle m’a dit for dinner
Where? 35 Baldwin st (5 min walk from St. Patrick station)
Price? $30-$60
The skinny? Toronto had yet to be exposed to Alsatian cuisine until last June, when elle m’a dit opened in Baldwin Village. Helmed by Chef Gregory Furstoss (formerly Senses) and wife Tory Yang (both from Bistro Bakery Thuet), this is the first restaurant that focuses on the cuisine found in the northeast of France, in Alsace. Think rustic comfort.