The County General


A couple of weeks ago, I met up with a few friends of mine for a chilled out dinner at The County General (@CountyGeneral). They’re located at the corner of Queen st west and Shaw st., but surprisingly, most of us still missed it. Look for the rooster or the big red star ;)

Natural light! And on the windows, their rooster/weathervane logo! 

Nice, cottage, homey feel from the table linens and the bare wood tables. The menu is very straightforward: small plates at the top to share, larger plates for yourself, and even bigger plates to share. Flip through the other pages and you’ll find drinks, cocktails, BOURBON! and their awesome apple cider that’s not to be missed. 

They’ve got seating the whole length of the restaurant. Tables up front or bar side. I love the use of the wood on the ceiling, the back wall of the bar, and all the endgrain pieces at the back. It’s all so eye-catching!

ROOSTER china! And now…time to eat! We were fast going from the hungry to hangry zone so good thing food started coming out. 

Roasted Bone Marrow (5)
This was really tough to share between 5 people; we probably should’ve ordered two. You can’t say no to bone marrow, it’s so good! I’d order one for myself even but that’s for next time. 

Kimchi (4)
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find asian influences here, considering Chef Garth Legree is pretty adventurous given the flexibility he’s got at The County General. Spicy but there’s a balance with the sweet, salty, bright notes. 

Trio of Steamed Pork Buns (12)
I remember kimchi, apple slaw, and avocado chutney being mentioned in reference with these pork buns. Deny it all you want, but David Chang (see momofuku ssam) has really started the trend of the asian steamed bun. 

It’s perfectly soft and pillowy! (sorry, we kind of really ruined them here trying to split them apart for sharing)

Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich – buttermilk chicken, milk bun, avocado chutney, coriander, pickled red onion (14)
Here’s what I ordered. The chicken’s been cooked sous vide before hitting the hot oil. This way, the skin is super crispy while the juices are locked in, creating a perfectly moist piece of chicken. 

Steak Frites – Cumbrae’s hanger steak, roasted garlic bone marrow butter, truffle fries (20)
Two of my friends ordered this after seeing how mouthwatering good it looks at a neighbouring table. Bone marrow butter, it makes perfect sense! It smelled and tasted amazing ( I had a little bite). Definitely ordering this next time! ;)

Yep, there's the red star I was talking about! That I somehow almost missed. Ok fine, I missed it. 

Verdict: All in all, a very enjoyable dinner. The service wasn’t super attentive but understandable considering our party arrived over a period of half an hour. Can’t wait to come back again for the steak frites, and again for brunch!

Check ‘em out!  http://thecountygeneral.ca/

4 out of 5 NOMs
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