Crazy Banana Bread!


In the past month or two, I’ve baked my fair share of banana bread. I love the stuff! I’d like to believe that because there’s banana in there, I’m being healthy. Unfortunately, I’m the one baking it so I know exactly what goes into each loaf…sugar and butter-wise. Cringe!

And as if I hadn’t baked enough banana bread already, I went and baked some more. A lot more. A couple of weeks ago, the team raced in their first dragonboat regatta of the season hosted by the Pickering Dragonboat Club. We always buy a huge bunch of bananas for the day but didn’t quite get around to eating them. 

So I took home 15 bananas and a few days later, when they were super ripe, banana bread time!

The container on the right? That’s sugar. The amount of sugar needed for four times the recipe. Diabetes here we come! I never use the full amount of sugar in recipes because it can be too much. Lop off a coup[le tablespoons and you won't notice a big difference. ;)

Creaming butter + sugar. I never get tired of watching the butter go from sticks to a fluffy whip. 

EGGS! They can be prepared a million ways…

As you can see, I’m slowly reaching capacity of my mixer. It uses a 5.5 quart bowl so imagine how much batter is in there!

No cute clueless egg masher this time. I had to bring out the regular, big masher to get the job done. 

I was seriously beginning to doubt the capacity of the bowl when I started incorporating the liquid ingredients.

But in the end, it worked out! Well, barely. Any faster than speed 2 and batter would’ve coated the walls of my basement. 

So in the end, after a LONG time in the oven (we’re talking hour and a half, maybe even two), I got about 16 of these fist sized loaves. 

Chocolate chips in the bread are a little added bonus for me because I always forwent them. “Healthy” all the way right?! No more! They make the banana bread that much better. So don’t skip them like the old me and you’ll be happy you didn’t. ;)