the mad italian


What? the mad Italian for gelato
Where? 589 College st (506 streetcar west from College or Queen’s Park station)
Price? $2.85-$5.85 (kiddie – large)
The skinny: Gelato gelato gelato. The mad italian is all about it. They’ve got over 50 flavours! And on top of that, they also serve hot food, including their “zazzu”, which is similar to a pizza in cone form.  

After the successful grand opening of HogtownPub & Oyster, a bunch of us were still itching for a little something more. Just down the street is the mad italian (@MadItalianGelat)! So in we went…gelato is one of my greatest weaknesses. 

There are the milk-based flavours. Lots of chocolate, nut, rich flavours. 

Good thing my favourite flavour, pistachio, was among them! :D Definitely got some of that. 

The water-based flavours included all the fruits such as green apple, peach, strawberry mint (a little out there), and the classic lemon. 

Part of their menu up. It’s pretty straightforward. 

Hey Vickie (@kiki_BFF)! This place is quite narrow so the 7 or so of us in there ordering gelato was a little cramped. There is seating in the back however. These days, I’m sure the game’s playing! (PS. Who are you rooting for during Euro Cup 2012?!) 

I ended up getting a small ($3.85). You get to choose two flavours. Not feeling too adventurous and because it’s my first time here, I went for pistachio and lemon. As I mentioned before, I always get pistachio if it’s available and it’s how I base my liking of a place. 

Verdict? They serve pretty decent gelato! I still prefer having the bits of pistachio in there that DOLCE has but the mad italian ain’t too shabby at all! With two locations presently and another in the works (hello Danforth!), I know where to go when my gelato cravings hit!

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I hit up Dolce for the first time last week and was very impressed. Who do you figure is the top Gelatto Shop in Toronto?

    1. Great question...I haven't tried many, but DOLCE is still at the top of my list. If you've got places to recommend, please let me know! Thanks. ;D