Holy Chuck Challenge!



One random Tuesday evening, four of us came to a burger joint (although it’s really so much more than that) just outside St. Clair station for a glorious challenge. Well, really, only my two friends from the gym were doing it but still. It’s HOLY CHUCK BURGER time!!

I’ve been here before for the foie gras poutine (which was so rich and decadent). But as you can see, there is so much more in the menu I have left to tackle. ;D 

NUTELLA! I remember seeing huge jars of nutella in France at crêperies. Yum!

Naturally, I have to get the NUTELLA AND SALTED CARAMEL SHAKE ($5.49). That’s the only one I’ve tried but considering how good it is, I’m reluctant to get anything else… There’s also Peanut Butter & Jelly, Wasabi, and even Foie Gras & Truffle Oil shakes! 

HOLY CHUCK FRIES ($5.99). I like how fries at Holy Chuck isn’t just “fries”. There’s some variety here and as always, they have fun with it! ;D Rich, veal cheek chili dumped over fries? That’s really good stuff! 

THE HOLY DUCK ($24.99). I didn’t have the heart to get this but Andrew insisted, and pretty much told me to man up. haha Thanks!! It may look small, but the burger packs a punch.

It was so good!! It’s your dream burger come true. The truffle oil and the fat from the foie gras oozes out, soaking the bottom bun. And for the record, it’s gloriously good. 

There’s Johnny and Bill in the (open) kitchen, preparing the 2 GO CHUCK YOURSELF orders! :D Exciting stuff!! Also, he’s always working on new things for the restaurant so follow him on twitter (@HOLYCHUCKBURGER) for updates on those goodies! 

Oooh! We’re ready! Sorry, I mean Jeremiah and Jon are ready! haha I’m simply living vicariously through them and there iron stomachs / crazy workouts. The Go Chuck Yourself Challenge involves eating that tower of burger along with a shake of your choice, all within 6 minutes. 

There’s one of the owners, Bill, ready with the official timer (aka iphone) in hand! The other hand, ready to draw the knife from the burger to start the manic feasting. 
There were some spectators oohing and aahing at the frantic eating.

As soon as he called “go!” both Jeremiah (left) and Jon (right) dove into their burgers. Whao, are eating contests always this frantic and caveman-like? I took some action shots but they were ugly…bahaha It makes sense, pressure’s on! 

Teehee monkey face! About 5 minutes in now, Jon’s almost done! Only the shake left now, c’mon you’re almost there! According to Andrew, I was in “captain mode.” What? I couldn’t help myself. :( 





YES. Jon successfully completed the challenge!! I’d say Jeremiah was about 30 seconds away. Nevertheless, a formidable effort! 

After that mountain of goodness, time to wash your hands. On the wall, this cow was so adorable, I “had” to take a photo of it. ;D

We were joking about how he should take ladies here to Holy Chuck Burger and point to his photo on the “Wall of Fame”, doing the whole “where’s the beach” bicep/tricep routine. 5 minutes and 30 seconds, insane! This man getting his "ninja" on!

We topped everything off with the “HOLY FUNNEL CAKE” ($6.99). Thanks Johnny!! Unlike the so-so ones you’re used to from the fairgrounds, this one is genuinely enjoyable. 

It’s perfectly deep fried, not oozing with grease at all, and the dough’s quite light too! There was more pineapple flavour in the sauce last time but it’s still really good. It was great bumping into Joel and company, too bad we couldn’t really chat. 

Verdict: The challenge doesn’t just come from stuffing your face with food, but forcing yourself to rush the enjoyable experience that is eating the CHUCK YOURSELF mammoth burger. I LOVED the holy duck and definitely look forward to having it again…and exploring the rest of the menu of course! Come for chill times and great food prepared by people who love what they do!!

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. MMmMMmMmmm nutella & salted caramel :)

  2. Wow! The food here looks good. Very nice blog. I might visit this place in the future.