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Recently, Dining Date Night got a new addition to their line-up; Nota Bene (@notabene)! Suddenly, Nota Bene just shot up on my list of restaurants to go to. 

Inside, you’re greeted by a rather long bar and some seating window-side. There’s a lot more seating upstairs, you simply can’t see it from outside. 

The menu is comprised of starters, mains, specials, and sides. 

Everything sounds good! The special of the evening was the ricotta ravioli, sweet English peas, and summer truffle. Great, I thought, one more option! Haha Eventually I chose their burger, which is a “nota bene signature dish” so I was excited!

Bread and olive oil. Classic combination. ;D

Crisp Duck Salad – sumac-dusted green papaya slaw, cashews (15)
This is a very evident example of the asian fusion. The Thai influence is in the use of green papaya, fish sauce, and coriander. It was pretty funny...the only table in the house of 3 asian girls and they’re using chopsticks. Oy.

The duck was really moist. And duck skin, who can say no to fatty pieces of crisps?! ;D

Artisanal Black Pig Salumi – coppa, chorizo, lardo, goat’s cheese, pickled vegetables (18)
This charcuterie board looks pretty impressive right? Off to the left are the pickled vegetables, dried cherries, and some crostini. This was the first time I tried lardo and I loved it!! It doesn’t feel fatty at all. It’s light, practically dissolves in your mouth, and I was left thinking “Carmen want more please!!” Yes, my mind went all cavewoman with this…

When our server mentioned the chorizo (bottom photo; second from the left), I didn’t think much of it. Then I had a slice. It’s like a myriad of flavours culminating in this nice, mellow slice of sausage. The paper-thin coppa (top photo), which is from the pig’s collar and back of the head, was great too!

Nota Bene has these huge paintings that hang on each wall. This is the one on the back wall. I really like the lines in the restaurant! So clean. :D

The girls! Girls night out = the best! ;D Tonight, I hung out with Denise and Shirley, both from The Urban Craze (@theurbancraze). Awesome ladies to chill with! ;D Looking forward to future hangouts for sure.

Wild Digby Sea Scallops – avocado purée, thai curry paste, mango, papaya & peanut salad (28)
Whereas I took a good while to choose my main, Denise went straight for the scallops. Amazing choice because they were cooked perfectly! 

They had the perfect sear on them and the other flavours on the plate were bright so they didn’t overpower the scallops in the least. 

Rabbit Soffrito, Pappardelle Pasta – porcini mushrooms, house pancetta, olives (26)
Shirley ordered the rabbit soffrito. Good fresh pasta is always a treat! (to answer, yes, this was fresh, and GOOD). The pasta doesn’t sound overly complicated (check the menu description above), but tasted like so much more. 

Jennifer’s Stilton Beef Brisket Burger – w/ pommes frites (22)
This is what I got; one of Nota Bene’s signature dishes! I ordered the burger to be medium-rare…oooh the juiciness that awaits me!! Just then, a server passed by carrying onion rings. Kind of wished we ordered some now. They look super skinny and crunchy! (well, next time).

At first, the burger does seem medium rare. I’m loving the caramelized onions, the stilton, and the Thuet bun! The fries are crispy too, but something is off…Turns out the doneness on the burger was not as rare as I would’ve liked because it got drier and drier as went along. D: I’ve heard such great things about this burger! So this was a bit disappointing. 

The dessert menu has a good mix of decadent desserts and lighter ones too. And then there’s the salted caramel bon bon (2) for those bursting at the seams but who still want to top off with a little something.

We figured even though we were quite full that we’d try something. I mean, we’re there already…why not?! Plus, it’s true when they say girls have an extra compartment in their stomachs for dessert. By now, the restaurant was quite empty...oops, didn't realize how late it had gotten!

Lemon Sorbet – w/ sugar cookie (10)
Perfect way to cap off our meal! The lemon sorbet is quite tart but I love tart! Yep, I’d get this again for sure. ;D 

 We saved almost $40!! Thanks Dining Date Night! ;D

Don't you hate it when your wine glass has unsightly smudges on it? Well, not here! 

Verdict: Nota Bene is a restaurant where one goes in with high expectations. Aside from the burger, mine were pretty much all met. The service is attentive and the food is quite stellar. With Dining Date Night, it just became much more affordable for students like me who have cravings for the fancy stuff ;) haha

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. The onion rings at Nota Bene are off the hook! You have to order them next time :)

    1. I remember seeing them in your post about their burger!! Yes, next time for sure.

  2. Haha! The 3 crazy Asian girls in the corner eating charcuterie with chopsticks. Great write up Carmen! I can't wait till our next adventure! :P***

    1. us asians...you know it! ;D Thanks!! Yeppers, it'll be a riot next time. Let's go to buca and eat pasta w/ chopsticks. bahaha

  3. Nice place! What wines do they serve? I noticed you didn't make any reviews about it. Anyways, it seems you visited the place in the morning so no worries. Just want to say I love their Crispy Duck salad. Yummy yes!