Schwartz à emporter!


What? Chez Schwartz’s à côté
Where? 3899 St-Laurent (Montreal)
Price? $6.30 (smoked meat sandwich)
Skinny: It’s almost this unspoken that Schwartz’ makes the BEST smoked meat sandwiches around. We’re talking, line-ups that top an hour during lunch time. Recently, they were bought out (partially by Céline Dion and her husband René) and a new take-out shop was added next door.

First off, I’d like to apologize for my lack of posts and for the lack of an “infographic” for this post as well. Perhaps I’ll design one in the next week, with a timeline and “making of.” We’ll see ;) 

This past weekend, my team (UTSC Scartan Dragonboat!!) raced in Montreal. There are quite a few so-called traditions that we follow, including the smoked meat sandwich + Cott’s cerise noire as our first meal when we arrive in la Belle Province

A few years ago, Montreal documentary filmmaker Gary Beitel shot “Chez Schwartz” about the 75 year-old deli! 
Here’s a mini-featurette on it (and Fairmount bagels, which we also went to) from Canadian Tourism.  
We got take out and ate at our apartment; where team bonding was at its finest. For the record, I had to pull out the “captain” card in order for the guys to don the swim cap. It will all make sense when I tell you that the joint men’s team was called “Asian Seamen.” (cue lightbulb moment).
Yes, not a food moment, but what happens at the dining table is a free-for-all, or at least it is in my books! :D  
Here it is!! The viande fumée ($6.30) As always, it’s two slices of rye bread, slathered with some Dijon mustard and busting with a generous portion of smoked meat. Eating food with people whose company you enjoy makes it that much better! 
 Fast forward three days and we were on our way back home. We made one final stop at Schwartz’s again to grab sandwiches for the trip back. They sell spice mixes, their rye bread and meats as well! At $2, the Cott’s cherry soda was a bit pricey but I’ve been craving it for way too long!
  Seriously, “Schwartz’s The Musical”?! I know we all love our Schwartz’s, but perhaps this was a bit TOO much…although I can’t judge as I didn’t watch it. Seems like it got a lot of publicity though. 
Verdict: The meat didn’t seem as tender/fatty/flavourful as it had in previous years. Perhaps they’re still working out the kinks of new ownership and an expanded space. I’m not sure. I just know that next time, no more “medium” for Carmen, it’s “fatty” all the way!!
Check ‘em out! www.schwartzdeli.com  
4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Love it here! Will visit again for sure.


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