Green Tea Lime and Vanilla Macarons


Yesterday, a friend and I had a marathon macaron baking session. From 5 in the evening til past 11, it was almost six and a half hours of whipping, folding, and waiting. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the process since I wasn’t planning on blogging about this. So these shots are mostly of the finished product. We made green tea and vanilla macarons! :D The lime is in the swiss buttercream sandwiched in between. 

I'm gonna eat you!!!! If you’re wondering about the recipe and how the macaron-in-the-making look like, click HERE or HERE. :D 

Our super late dinner was in the form of homemade pizza from scratch! :) It’s really easy to make your own pizza at home, I’ll post up the recipe and photos in the very near future. 

My one “in process” photo of the macarons. Believe me, I’m FAR from perfecting them. I find them so finicky to make right! I used both a silpat and parchment paper (on different sheet pans) to bake and the ones baked on the silpat consistently turn out better. Any ideas on where I’m going wrong? Please let me know!

Yes…the darker green ones on the right are a bit overbaked (ok fine, they’re burnt. D:). After some tweaking such as setting the oven to 300ºF instead of 320ºF, different bake times, egg white temperature, we were able to get more consistent looking tops/bottoms. 

Baking macarons ain’t easy! Rejects. There were quite a few. :(  We tried to make heart-shaped ones as well. Trial and error, that’s all I’m gonna say haha

My friend Matthew being all happy because we’re nearing the end! Only a dozen or so more to fill and sandwich, then we can eat dinner and watch Suits! :D 

Shooting them on my makeshift cakestand (which I made for this event).

Left with an uneven number…we decided to pair the last green tea and vanilla halves together. I have no clue what it tastes like, sorry. Looks cool though? I’m thinking in the future, I’ll actually plan out the “hybrid” macarons. We were playing around with the idea of a peanut butter & jelly combo. 

All of these macarons weren’t for kicks. Matthew wanted to make them for his sister’s birthday. So nice of him! TIP: never stack macarons on top of each other!





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