Montreal: Au Pain Doré


(yeah, kinda dropped the ball this time with my crappy infograph. It'll be better next time!!)

Au Pain Doré (@aupaindore) was stop #3 on our last day in Montreal. We always come here every time we’re in Montreal. It’s quite reliable and the croissants are always good. They’ve got a dozen locations scattered around Montreal so they’re not exactly “hidden gems.” 

I normally go on the one just off of rue St-Catharine because it’s right near H&M. :D Here are some specials on the windowsill. I got a mini apple turnover ($1). It was a nice few bites. Nothing too exciting though.

One of the guys picked up all the chocolate croissants they had to bring home! Hoarder!! Well, in his defense, there were only a few left anyways. I only had my eyes on the regular croissants!

They also sell light lunches/dinner in the form of sandwiches, quiches and fruits plus coffee. 

On the board, it translates roughly to “buy a pastry and get coffee for only $2.” :) Yay French!

As I mentioned on the cover of this post, Au Pain Doré started out as a bakery promoting authentic French breads. Nowadays, they use the same techniques but have changed up what goes into them a bit for some specialty breads. Chocolate + cranberries?! Now that’s interesting.

I love their illustrations! I swear it’s the same illustrator as the one for Le Petit Nicolas.

Here is one of the half dozen sad croissants that I brought home. :( The weather was hot and humid so by the time I got home (9 hours later), they were no longer flakey; and definitely not fresh. 
What a waste…it looks all soggy and narsty.

Verdict: If you plan on getting croissants from here, eat them on the spot or soon after! Most viennoiseries are best enjoyed fresh (ie. croissants) because of their unique textures that die overtime…Next time, I’ll know better than to bring them home on a hot summer day! Besides that, this place is good.

Check ‘em out!  http://www.aupaindore.com/fr/

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Neat! I learned something new from reading this! :)