Montreal: Fairmount Bagel


So it’s been awhile since I blogged about our Scartan food adventures during our weekend in Montreal. Here’s a pit stop we made on our last day there, to pick up some awesomepossum Montreal bagels. 

The Fairmount Bagel shop is quite small. Enter, turn right and you’re greeted by stacks upon stacks of freshly bagged bagels. What you’re looking at is the back of the shop where all the kneading, cutting, shaping and baking happens. 

The shop is pretty small as it is, but add the steady stream of customers going in and out and the space quickly becomes super cramped. Also, it’s hot in there! 

Artwork of the shop on the wall. Yes, that’s a bag of bagels at the bottom…

This kinda reminds me of a pet shop for some reason. I want the muesli bagel! Oh wait no, poppy seed! :D 

Just beyond the cash register, you can see the long rows of bagels that sit atop wood planks, ready to be thrust into the wood-fired oven. And then there’s the man dividing the plump dough. I just wanna sink my teeth into it, it looks so elastic!!

So there’s my small loot, a half dozen “everything” bagels. They’re my parents’ favourite so it was an easy choice :) It’s endearing how awkwardly shaped they are! :D 

Stack of trays outside the shop. That’s a lot of bagels that they’re able to hold… Don’t worry, I know the guy standing there, he’s my co-captain. Eh, he’s single if you’re interested bahahaha 
Verdict: Great taste. I like how Montreal bagels are denser and sweeter than New York-style ones. I just wish that I had one of them FRESH (and that’ll happen in a couple of weeks when the girls and I hit up Montreal again :D)  ***Also, because they're awesome, Fairmount Bagels is open 24 hours a day!

4 out of 5 NOMs
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