Montreal: juliette & chocolat


The one other place that we sat down at to eat on our last day (other than Beauty’s) was here at juliette & chocolat. One of the couples came here a while back and were still raving about it! 

Anytime = dessert time to me! I’m horrible like that. My sweet tooth is relentless is hard to satisfy but knock me out with the perfect gelato, slice, pastry, or confection and I’m putty in your hands. 

This location is the newest and biggest one. I like the open space of the place, but there’s a bit of discord between the décor and the clientele…?

Also, red chef hats?! Really?! I don’t think they’re that necessary. Kinda gimmicky. 

I do like the packaging for their products however. The “au lait” (hot chocolate mix) reminds me of momofuku milk bar for some reason. The brown paper…similar to the one that the CRACK PIE comes in!! :D 

Cake pops are everywhere, whether you like them or not. So get used to it! 

Their set-up here reminded me of Bouchon Bakery in NYC. Mmm those nutter butter cookies and TKO were so good! Not to mention that donut. :D

The pass. Brownie with the ice cream on top, I am looking straight at you. Come to me!

The menu is quite extensive as far as desserts go. From crèpes to brownies, ice cream to chocolate, they’ve got just about everything covered to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The Ivory – white chocolate and coconut (3.75)
More of a blondie than a brownie, this was really good! The toasted coconut flakes in the brownie is perfect. Luscious but not too rich. The white chocolate sauce was nice, not really necessary though. Yes, it's as tiny as it looks.

Juliette’s Tiramisu (5.99)
Tiramisu! Reminds me of the May edition of TUM (@TOundrgroundmrkt) where one of the vendors, Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co (@SullivanBleeker) had these “desserts in a jar.” Convenient and delicious! As you can see, this tiramisu was more like 80% mascarpone + 10% ladyfinger/cake action + 8% espresso + 2% cocoa. Not that I’m complaining, but that’s a bit pricey…

Maybe they were short-staffed that day (didn’t look like it though), our order took over an eternity to arrive. Which is insane considering everything is already baked, and the tiramisu’s just sitting in the display case, ready to be plucked. And then we saw our order at the pass…lattes and espressos slowly dying and cooling as it took them over 15 minutes to pick it up. We were seconds away from grabbing our orders ourselves. 
To energize ourselves for the drive back, latte time! Yep, not hot anymore. D:

Since more noshing was to happen, we split everything four-ways, so it came up to only $2.80 per person. Quite cheap.
Verdict: The service was supser slow but they did split the bill without giving us grief about it! And this is their newest location? If I come back, I’ll be back for the hazelnut ice cream…(one of the others had that, so good!) and more brownies. :D

Check ‘em out!  http://julietteetchocolat.com/

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
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