NYC II! Day 1: BaoHaus


A little over a week ago, a few friends and I embarked on a food trip to New York City. One of the guys, Darian, and I went on one last year around the same time so this was kind of like “Part II” for us. The other two joining us this time was Vickie, one of my closest friends, and Andrew, a foodie friend. Leggo!! We left around 4:30 in the morning so we could arrive with a good half day ahead of us. 

Although BaoHaus (@BaohausNYC) was really stop no.2 on our trip, I’m posting about baohaus first simply because I finished editing the photos first. LES baby!! ;D Yeah…I doubt I’m fitting in well… These guys were on the NYC episode of The Layover AND if you've ever had baoss at TUM (Toronto Underground Market <-- who are celebrating their 1-year anniversary in a couple of weeks!), they're also the inspiration for them.

Here we are! The shop is quite narrow, but there is still some seating in the back. 

The menu. Yep, that’s right. There is a “Jeremy Lin bao”; you gotta support your own! 

There’s also the menu up on the wall. 

Cutesy boards on the wall! :D On the left is the Chairman Bao ($3.50)…how do you think it tasted? As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t load up on food, considering we’d have another Sik Gaek adventure (here's last year's) ahead of us that evening.

On another part of the wall are some family photos. I love it! The baos below include the Haus Bao ($3.90), and another Chairman Bao (although it doesn’t look as good as the other..)

Here’s what Vickie and I shared. The drink is homemade Ai Yu Jelly Lemonade ($3.90). Very refreshing! The Chairman Bao we had wasn’t that great…as you can see, there definitely wasn’t enough fat on there. There didn’t seem to much at all. :( 

There’s some standing room if the two lone tables at this joint are taken up. This lady was here to do an interview/shoot with one of the owners, Evan Huang. Cool! 

And there he is! He was really chill. Greeted us, asked where we’re from…he even got us another Chairman Bao to replace ours. Yes, we like pork belly for it’s FAT! In the back is another collage of inspiration, basketball! "All I do is LIN" <-- linsanity / lin fever anyone?!

The Haus Bao is a braised beef cheek bao w/ crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus relish and Taiwanese red sugar. It was YERMMYY! Very tender with the right amount of fat. 

Oh hai der. ;) Come to my mouth you pillowy bao of goodness! I had a photo of the guys’ Birdhaus Bao (fried chicken) but I think I accidentally deleted it… wah!

 The storefront's quite unassuming. It's even got a super sketchy rickety bench outside...haha

Verdict? The baos here have the right balance of soft and crunchy, savoury and sweet. The vibe is totally relaxed, I mean you are in the Lower East Side after all! The quality control needs to be more consistent but overall, I’d come back to try the rest of the menu! (& to have more Haus Baos).Oh yeah, and they DELIVER!

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I went there and came home and saw your post! It was very tasty!

    1. Yes! Did any of the baos really stand out to you?