In my second (I guess it’s “annual” now) NYC food trip, we tried to go a bigger variety of places. This was stop no.1, PORCHETTA (@porchettanyc) I think I saw it on Eater NY on one of their “top of” lists. Promising. :)
Of course, we’d be directly comparing them to Porchetta & Co. (@PorchettaAndCo) in Toronto. Without having entered the shop we already begin to notice similarities!

Ahoy, check out the diamond-scored skin/cracklin’!! Come to mama…

Like Porchetta & Co., the menu is quite minimalist, composed pretty much of sides to accompany the star—porchetta. Freshly squeezed lemonade?! Tempting.

Our food has arrived! The shop is very small, with only a few seats in the house and two benches outside. 

As well, they’ve got “specials” too. I mean, if you’re good at what you do, why not show your range right? ;) This one was a sort of Mediterranean chicken panini ($10). Very moist and great crunch with the toasted ciabatta. 

Another sandwich they’ve got, Mozzarella sandwich. Below is the Crispy potatoes and burnt ends. 

Mozzarella sandwich ($8). Super fresh and mellow, I loved it! I wish there was a bit more pesto/capers/tomatoes though. Besides that, very enjoyable.

Crispy potatoes and burnt ends ($5). Oy you were so delicious in ma mouth!! Sorry, seriously though, the potatoes were cooked perfectly. Just the right amount of doneness and those burnt ends…that’s gold! I’d eat one dish of this by myself. 

The four of us shared these three dishes (and the chicken panini). At the bottom right, the porchetta plate!

BONUS!! They've got their Porchetta recipe up online! :D

Porchetta Plate ($14) It’s porchetta time! The moment of truth! The version here is very different. The pork is perfectly moist and very fragrant with the seasonings. The crackling is quite thick but more fatty than flavourful. The greens and the beans on the plate, I couldn’t care much for. 

Verdict: The potatoes with burnt ends was a really pleasant surprise! Porchetta presents a unique take on the Roman dish after which it’s named. I prefer Nick and Vicki’s version at Porchetta & Co. because the porchetta is more flavourful (meatwise vs seasonings) and the crackling is thinner and crispier.

3 out of 5 NOMs
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