NYC II! Day 2: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop


It’s time for ice cream! Last year, we wanted to go to hit up NYC’s own Big Gay Ice Cream truck (@biggayicecream); founded by Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff). Unfortunately, the truck wasn’t in town and we didn’t know that they had a permanent location until we came back to Toronto. 

We were ready for them this time! :D The shop is clean, welcoming, and FUN. Love the unicorn painting on the wall. 

They’re quite legit in case you were wondering. Also, they sell tees featuring their rainbow soft serve logo and unicorn mascot for $20 each. I picked up a purple tee and ohman I wish they had a women’s large because my arms aren’t skinny enough for the medium…

Big Gay is renowned for their specialty cones. A favourite of Anthony Bourdain and wife Ottavia Bourdain, we knew we were in for something memorable. Below is the cone that I got, the SALTY PIMP. 

A sort of loyalty card. As if you need more incentive to come back! ;) We did actually come back a second time the next day for more…but I forgot I had this card haha

American Globs ($5.5). It’s not common that you find salt in ice cream. In this case, you get a double dose of saltiness in the form of freshly ground sea salt and pretzels. 

Because the soft serve itself isn’t that sweet, Vickie found that this cone lacked sufficient sweetness. So if you don’t have a huge sweet tooth, this is gonna be right up your alley! You should watch them make the cones, it’s like they’re attacking the ice cream with the caramel bottle! It’s pretty funny. 

I really like how they’ve got a holder for the cones as the drippage is contained rather than running down your arm. 

Bea Arthur ($4.5) - vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed ‘nilla wafers. I’m not sure why this cone was named after the Golden Girls actress…Either way, Darian really liked this cone! 

Salty Pimp ($5) – vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip. YES times a million!!! Andrew and I got this cone. I’m in love with it. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet! 

To make, they squeeze caramel sauce and ground sea salt in the empty cone before filling it with vanilla soft serve. Afterwards, it’s striped with chocolate sauce, then stabbed repeatedly and injected with caramel sauce (this is the “attacking the ice cream” part that I was talking about). And then it’s dipped in chocolate for that great crunch.

There’s one of the owners! The shop is long and narrow. 

Their full menu including shakes, pops, sodas, and ice cream sandwiches. 
Verdict: YESYESYES. That’s all I can really say about Big Gay Ice Cream. There’s so much more on the menu to experience but I know I’ll be coming back for my favourite—the Salty Pimp very soon. If only they drove their truck across the border up to Toronto…

Check ‘em out! http://biggayicecream.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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