NYC II! Day 2: butter lane


So our food adventures in NYC continue! On our way to big gay ice cream shop, we notice another shop just a couple doors down; butter lane (@butterlane). What attracted us was the very simple equation in the front window: (cupcake) = ♥ Simple and eloquent! Won me over.  

A corner selling a few items that’ll come in handy in the kitchen. I really like the tote bag! But I had to be cautious of how I spent my money so I held myself back. Thumbs up for the wallpaper?

Trays of cupcakes ready to be eaten! I like how the frosting’s spread. Reminds me of the magnolia bakery signature swirl (They've got a cookbook! Here are their red velvet cupcakes :D). At butter lane, they offer both American and French buttercream. The latter has egg white in the preparation, resulting in a smoother, lighter buttercream. American buttercream is quite simple ingredient-wise: icing sugar, butter, vanilla, (milk). 

Butter Lane! The name of this shop is so simple that you won’t forget it. I believe they have a second location at Park Slope…(in Brooklyn).

Menu on chalkboard! My FAVOURITE. I just like the éphémère nature of them! (Do you say ephemeral in English?) I wasn’t sure what a frosting shot was so I asked—it’s literally a shot/little cup of frosting! Can you believe that? Frosting so good you’ll just want to have it on its own. A promising sign? 

The frosting for each cupcake is spread individually (not that I can imagine another way…). If you so desire, you can create your own cupcake combination! Pick the cake, then the frosting (or even special frosting). 

Mmm, banana cupcake?! After the ice cream, only Andrew and I were up for having cupcake. In the end, we chose vanilla cupcake with the seasonal key lime frosting! Pistachio sounded amazing too… 

Anyways, this cupcake was AMAZING! The butter emanating from it was intoxicating! The cupcake itself was very light and the frosting was the perfect balance between sweet and lime zing. If not for its price, $3.25 each, I’d try different combinations to enjoy. :D

Down Bowery is essentially kitchen supplies store avenue. Every store sells restaurant supplies, be it light fixtures, pots & pans, chairs, industrial mixers, etc. We hit up Chef Restaurant Supply Co. at the corner of Bowery and East Houston. To my surprise, I didn't go that crazy in there, just bought a handful of items. :)
Verdict: It’s a bit pricey, but I can see myself coming back—especially since they’re two doors down from big gay’s! Seems like the cupcake craze has died down a bit, but at the end of the day, a good cupcake is a good cupcake. You can’t dispute that fact! :D The service is very welcoming, not pushy at all.

Check ‘em out!  http://www.butterlane.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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