NYC II! Day 3: Takashi


Takashi (@takashiNYC) was to be our last dinner in New York City. For the entire trip we were looking forward to this! Compared to all our food adventures up until now, this one would probably be the most unique. The idea is that you cook the meat overtop an infrared grill (reminiscent of Korean barbecue but the Japanese version, yakiniku) and enjoy it fresh. The hōrumon (“discarded goods”) was our target.


NYC II! Day 3: Crif Dogs

As foodies, we did our “research” before embarking on our NYC food trip. That inevitably meant rewatching the New York Layover (and No Reservations) episodes…which, we’re not complaining about! In the Layover, Chef David Chang takes Anthony Bourdain to crif dogs (connected to PDT just next door) for hot dogs and the all-american favourite, tater tots dipped in gooey, melted processed cheese. 


NYC II! Day 3: momofuku ssäm bar

Naturally, after our soft serve adventure at milkbar, we crossed the street to satisfy our pork bun cravings at momofuku ssäm bar (@momofuku) (opened in 2006, #37 on San Pellegrino’s “World’s 50 best restaurant list”). Owned by Chef David Chang (@davidchang), this restaurant of the momofuku restaurant group serves as the one with rotating menu, with daily specials in addition to well-loved staples. Here, you can have the grand momofuku experience of the bo ssäm pork shoulder (6-10 people) or a whole rotisserie duck! (reservations need to be made).