NYC II! Day 3: Doughnut Plant


I’ve been a bit (very) mia these past couple of weeks because of school getting very busy. Sorry about that, I’m back for a few posts before midterms come to haunt us all.  Here’s to the beginning of our third day in New York! Pistachio and cashew milk?! That’s insane!

Doughnut Plant (@DoughnutPlantNY). From our NYC trip last year, this place was at the top of my list of places to return to (see post here). This time, we planned to go on the last day again for the sole reason of being able to take some home. That’s my kind of planning! ;)

On our way to the shop, we picked up some HK style milk tea to quench our thirst. Love it.

Last year, this was where the storefront was. This time around, they moved next door to a shop that’s at least twice the size of this space. 

Yes! They kept the colourful doughnut window seating, so cute. The counter space is also much bigger. 

Nice bench in the corner for you to devour your doughnuts in relative privacy. Don’t want a hot guy/girl walking in on you, sitting right by the window, trying to enjoy the afternoon stuffing your face with jelly filled square doughnuts now do we? Exactly. Just beside is the coffee counter. They sell doughnut plant mugs too! Tempting. 

There’s the display case of the day’s offerings. If I counted right, there are 27 doughnuts in there! The teeny doughnuts in the middle there are called “doughseeds.” They just came out with it this year! :D Mini, filled doughnuts for when those cravings hit you. 

Our favourite: Peanut Butter Banana Cream filled Doughnut! It’s a riff on their super innovative Jelly filled square doughnuts. The filling/cream/jelly is piped throughout the entire doughnut so every bite is perfect.

After a trip to Mexico in 1999, Mark Israel (owner of the shop—the original doughnut recipe comes from his grandfather, Herman Israel) added churros to the offerings. Oh so tempting they are, just sitting there, waiting to be dipped into some dulce de leche and chomped on. 

A very serious-looking espresso machine. I don’t drink espresso but if I did, I’m sure I’d be very excited to see this monster. 

The loot! Because they’re crazy, Andrew and Vickie didn’t get any so this was just Darian and I. Foreground is our fave, then the peanut butter blackberry jam filled square doughnut in the middle, and finally the pistachio yeast in the back. 

Time to munch! The yeast doughnuts here are my favourite. Mark also developed fantastic cake doughnuts (it took him 5 years to develop it!) but I prefer how fluffy and light the yeast ones are. 

Ooh pistachio doughnut time. Compared to the peanut butter, the pistachio in here is definitely more subtle. It tasted more like a glazed doughnut--with pistachio.

We quartered the doughnuts in case the other two were won over and wanted to try some. Let's just say we were RIGHT. muahahaha Officially converted. We came back the next day to pick up some doughnuts to take back home. For my brother, a wild blueberry cake doughnut; he really liked it! :D

Here you can see the blackberry jam inside the doughnut. That's what it looks like anywhere you cut it. Beautiful right? Yup, no more biting into a jelly doughnut and having the filling gush out.

Aside from the new monitors displayig the menu and a slideshow of delicious doughnuts, the light fixture also caught my eye! (as per usual). It was so smart of them to paint the bottom of the bulbs so that the light isn't too harsh or direct!

Verdict: I said this once before, and I'll say it again. I'm coming back. And i'll keep coming back every time I'm in NYC! :D I have yet to have a doughnut that compares to the ones at Doughnut Plant so until then, this is my go-to doughnut spot. If only it weren't so far...

Check 'em out! http://doughnutplant.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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