NYC II! Day 3: momofuku milk bar


Tonight, a couple of friends and I will be checking out daishō so I thought it was only fitting to do a post of one of the momofuku “restaurants””, milk bar in east village! Milk bar (@momomilkbar) is the bakery extension of David Chang’s momofuku restaurant empire. Helmed by pastry chef Christina Tosi, milk bar offers such creations as crack pie and cereal milk soft serve. It’s amazing...

Go shawty, it’s your birthday—truffle. Milk bar offers these neat little bites. There’s the birthday, pineapple upside down, and chocolate chip truffles! They sell at $4 for a 3 pack. 

Can’t make it all the way out to milk bar for their cookies?! Well, you can now pick up the cookie mix (I saw them at Williams-Sonoma at eatons here in Toronto!) and bake ‘em at home…and try to pass them off as your own? (I wish.)

Their menu. FUN! Oh, and here’s my post from my first time here!

They’ve got savoury pastries too like croissants, breads (bagel bombs) and buns (not at the east village location though). 

We realized that across the street (momofuku ssäm bar) just opened for dinner service. So this meant just a super light snack here, saving room in our stomachs so we can pop over there for one or two of their pork buns. Here’s their new green apple and cheddar soft serve (left). And on the right, our favourite, the cereal milk soft serve

As one of my friends would say, “SHO GOOD.” Perfect texture. The cereal milk soft serve has a taste we’re all familiar with, having it in this form makes it the perfect summer snack. As for the green apple & cheddar, the two flavours are surprisingly well-balanced. You taste refreshing apple in one lick, then bold cheddar in the next. It was trippy. 

Last time we came, we didn’t try the cookies at all. So this time around, I picked up the compost, blueberry & cream, and the cornflake marshmallow cookies. Last year for my birthday, my friend Darian got me the milk bar cookbook; so I really, I got these cookies so I’d know what they’re supposed to taste like when I finally make them at home.

Or at least, that’s what I told myself. haha Long story short, these cookies are very unique! Both in taste, ingredient choice, and texture. I’d say my favourite of the three was the compost cookie. It’s a sort of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sort of cookie. There’s chips, pretzels, and even coffee in it!

Verdict: So far, I’ve only been to the East Village location; there are 4 others. I’d love to have one of their cakes as my birthday cake (hint hint ;D) Maybe I’ll try to make one…(oh this is so depressing, making your own birthday cake?!) Also, considering we’ve now got 3 momofuku restaurants in Toronto now, perhaps a milk bar will open up here too?

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. The BEST place I went to in NY! I crave cereal milk ice cream like everyday XD

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