Au Pied de Cochon & Rockaberry takeout!


As I wrapped up my NYC Food Trip posts last week, I shall begin the handful of ones I’ve got for the Montreal road trip I went on right after with some of the Scartan ladies! (my dragonboat team). As is customary with the team each year when we compete in Montreal, we’ll have a dinner at Au Pied De Cochon (@CabanePDC).

By “right after” I mean I got home from New York that night, slept, taught in the early morning, then hit the road. :D Huge thanks to Ramya for driving all the way there and back. I know you enjoy driving but what a trooper!

Just under 6 hours after we left Toronto, we arrived at our apartment for the weekend in Westmount! :D The place was on the first floor right beside an ice cream shop. Temptation at its max! So instead of braving the queue at Au Pied de Cochon, we decided to do takeout and eat “at home.” I didn’t know they did take out until one of the girls told me!! 

We were famished so the shots in this post are ones I took really quickly before we dove in. Hungry or not, the smell wafting from the containers is enough to make you want to rip off the lid and stick your face into it. (cavewoman instincts coming out there…)


So sketch! We were worried that there may not be clean cutlery so we picked up a handful of forks from a certain fast food establishment when we made a pit stop there on the way to Montreal. Turns out there were only a few drops of dish soap left so it was a good idea. Don’t judge us please. 


OHHH YEAAHHHHHH. It's not hard, remembering this meal. It was full of “mmm’s” and “this is so good’s!!” General consensus as far as favourite dish goes is the plogue à champlain was the favourite—so we got three. 

Plogue à champlain (26) – One of my friends mentioned she wouldn’t mind having an entire one to herself!  (pssh fatty.) Except I’d totally do that myself too! haha Good thing we workout! If you want more of a “review” of Au Pied de Cochon, click HERE


Langue de bison à l’estragon (7.5) – We wanted to get this the last time we were here but they had run out. Luckily for us, that wasn’t the case this time around so we took advantage and ordered two. Great little bites to prep us for the big dish up next!


After being to the restaurant a few times now, it’s about time we tried the namesake dish, the Pied de Cochon (22). That sauce was insane! Like the rest of the dishes I’ve had so far from the restaurant, quite heavy and rich but that’s expected and welcomed—in moderation of course.  

Oh, and that fried cube to the side, the bomb! I won’t pretend to know what this is so if you do, please share! :D 


After our heavy “welcome meal,” we quickly settled into the apartment. Jess and Pam insisted on us being healthy (Ok, fine mom! haha) so they picked up some celery from a grocer nearby, and we proceeded to chomp on it on the living room floor. Classy? I believe so. Or ballsy because we didn't even use dip. BAM! (my writing is much more coherent if you see the gestures and expressions I make ;D)


But seriously, who are we kidding?! We got about halfway through the celery when we decided that we’d had a sufficient dose of veggies it was time to move onto DESSERT! Some pies/cake from Rockaberry which we picked up along with our dinner.  

Knowing the slices are generous, we only got 3 to split between the five of us. Time to dig in and demolish. Again, using our Wendy’s forks that we washed with the remaining soap. It’s called reusing things!


Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb – perfect balance of sweet to tart. An honest slice of pie never hurt anyone. And there’s always such a homey element to them, even though I never have them at home. I should rectify that shouldn’t I? ;)

Apple Pie Cheesecake – LOVE. Amazing mash-up of dessert classics: the apple pie + the cheesecake. 


Banana split au chocolat – Usually, any dessert containing both banana and chocolate err on the rich & decadent side of things. This one however, is the first time that it’s light enough to be enjoyed bite after bite thanks to the light sponge and whipped cream banana filling.  

BEST TAKE-OUT DINNER EVER. Normally, the only time I’d have good restaurant food at home is because I couldn’t finish it and asked for a doggy bag (which hardly ever happens). But then to purposely get take-out from a place such as Au Pied de Cochon?! First time. You bypass the potentially long wait for a table, then the wait for the food as well. Of course, you’re also foregoing a great sit down experience so it’s give and take.

The photo above is of the two sauces remaining from the pied de cochon (left) and plogue à champlain (right). Yes, you guessed right! We scooped it into these cups, warmed them up the next evening and enjoyed it with bread. :D We just couldn’t quite let the sauces go to waste. 

Au Pied de Cochon on Urbanspoon
Rockaberry St-Denis Café on Urbanspoon


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