Montreal: L'Avenue


After a first failed attempt to eat brunch at L’Avenue (it was way too packed), we tried once more early on the morning of our last day in Montreal. Lucky for us, there was no line yet formed so we got a table immediately! L’Avenue is one of the top breakfast/brunch spots in Montreal. They’re open every day from either 7 or 8 in the morning til 10 or 11 at night. Come ‘ere for the eggs benedict and fried potatoes! :D

See, no line! Yup, there’s a lady mannequin in the front of the restaurant donning leather. Don’t let that faze you because good food lies inside. 

The restaurant is quite long and the back looks like it can accommodate bigger parties. I love that the place has got so much character! Beautiful graffiti on the wall, motorcycle hanging from the ceiling, this place ain’t subtle.

Lights that look like orbs.

There it is on the menu, what we’re all here for! Eggs benny! Or in French, “oeufs bénédictines”. Besides the classic version, they’re got variations as well with different cheeses, veggies and meats. 

Along with your order, you also get a side skewer of fruit. We were wondering about that huge stack of fruit at the pass... Smart that they already prepped it so the server has but to plonk it on the plate. And no worries, they've got enough covers to clear that stack fast!


This is a really chill spot to eat.

A full breakfast to be had. So far, I’m liking what I see. I know it’s a minor detail but it’s nice that every piece of fruit is different.


There it is!! The legendary eggs benny. I think most of us got the “arc-en-ciel” (meaning “rainbow” in English). Instead of ham, there’s smoked salmon and capers. LOVE smoked salmon…OOH! I just remembered I have two pieces in my fridge right now! Imma make myself a sandwich when I get home. As for the hollandaise sauce, it really lives up to the hype!! 

The eggs, you can get them done whichever way you like but of course, gotta go with the classic. Pierce is with a fork and the yolk just oozes out. It’s that finishing touch that makes this the perfect eggs benny.

I got coffee as well, it was definitely a coffee kind of morning. And I believe it's bottomless? That would be welcome news to some I guess. (Psst! The single washroom is painted in fluorescent paint and lit with a blacklight. It's super awesome! Not gonna take my camera in there of course so you'll just have to check it out for yourself ;D)

When we left L'Avenue, not only had the sun had come out in full force, but there was a substantial line out the door too. I now see that the wait could be well worth it!
Verdict: I love this place. Supposedly, they whip up some kickass smoothies as well so I’ll probably try one as well next time I’m in Montreal. If you want to avoid a long line-up, come for breakfast! Sure, you might be waking up a bit earlier than normally, but the early bird gets the worm! (or in this case, that killer hollandaise. It’s cheesy I know shhh!).

5 out of 5 NOMs
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