Montreal: Point G


  Continuing our Montreal adventures was a double trip to Point G (@boutiquepointg) for macarons! On our full day there (we went for the long weekend), we decided to discover the city (mainly through food) on Bixi bikes. Point G is touted to have one of the best macarons in Monteral. Not only do they have a regular rotation of 22 flavours, but they do seasonal ones as well. You can enjoy both classic flavours and more adventurous ones too.

The shop front is really inviting! Love the bright magenta and of course the giant macarons. Yeah, they definitely know their customer demographic!

Inside, the shop is laid-out simply. Aside from macarons, Point G also sells jars of spreads (caramel and fleur de sel anyone?!), balsamic vinegar pearls, ice cream, and their own, “pépites de macarons” (which are more like little nuggets than macarons).


If I counted correctly, there are 27 flavours here! We wanted to try EVERYTHING. So being women, you know what that means, taking forever to decide what to get. It’s not our fault that every flavour sounds good: maple taffy, foie gras, choco-sesame, apricot-black tea?! Oy. 

Two of my friends shared a box of 10. Some of the flavours really stood out for them so much so that the rest of us were persuaded to get them the next day on our way back home.

By the way, the Bixi bikes system in Montreal is really convenient because there are docking stations everywhere. I believe a day pass costs just $7.50? The one condition that threw us off was that in order to avoid fines, you have to dock your bike every ½ hour, and wait for 2 min before you can take it out again. :( A little inconvenient if you ask me. 

I brought a 10-pack ($15) home to share with my parents. They loved it! The roasted pistachio, caramel fleur de sel, lime-basil and orange blossom really stood out for all of us. The macarons themselves are executed with amazing technique and the flavours, pretty spot-on.

Come to think of it, they’re a little denser than the macarons I’m used to. Well, no hollow shells like some that I’ve made haha!

We all tried the little “pépites de macarons” as well. There was blueberry, mint chocolate, and orange chocolate? They’re like tiny cookies? They’d be pretty fun on ice cream.

A close-up on the Poppy Flower macaron. How do you achieve the perfect little feet?!

Verdict: The consistency of the macarons definitely won me over. Not having tried many shops that make macarons in Montreal, I cannot confirm nor deny that Point G is one of the bests—though, they were good enough for me to want to return! Also, they’re pretty reasonably priced ($1.50 each).

4.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. so delicious! I love macarons!!!
    Esp at that price point.. the toronto ones are at least $2 each! AH