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Last Sunday, a bunch of us headed over to Red Fish restaurant (@redfishresto) for another Tweetup organized by Ken Samuel (@inyourmouthTO) and chef and owner David Friedman. This guy is a pro at highlighting the people behind the great food in Toronto; he works as a restaurant marketer (and is a damn good one!) Essentially, if Ken is organizing a tweetup (here's the one at Marben), it’s safe to say that you’ll not only have an awesome meal, but will meet great chefs and other foodies as well. 

I realize that the food community in Toronto is rather small and infinitely connected. Everyone knows each other (mostly) and everyone’s really nice. It’s not hard to strike up a conversation with someone “higher up” in the food scene or in the industry and to learn something new from them. I love that!
Street art on College st west.

If you’re interested in tweets from that evening, search up #keepitfresh ! :D

So when Ken invited me to come to Red Fish for their Sunday Fish Fry, I made sure I was able to attend. Turns out, it was also a perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends from the food (blogging) community as well!

Red Fish restaurant is all about using sustainable fish, preferably what’s available locally. The produce and dairy come from 100km Foods, the meat from Sanagan's and the fish from about 6 fishmongers. Chef David Friedman came out and sat down with us to chat about his passion and drive behind the restaurant

Turns out, it’s not that hard to go the local, sustainable route! It doesn’t cost more and there’s always something different available! That’s a bonus for both chef and diner. Chef David gets to flex his creative muscles and diners get to experience new dishes. It’s about coming back for the good cooking and not so much specific dishes. To whet our appetite: Acadian sturgeon roe and house-smoked sturgeon!

From the cover photo of this post, you can see that there were four sides that accompanied our fish fry family style meal. There was an apple and fennel coleslaw, a salad, black eyed peas and mash.

How it normally works is that every Sunday, you can order the fish fry which comes with pan fried, cornmeal crusted fish and two sides. At only $18, it’s a steal!

Everyone, say hello to the fish fry. Fish fry, say hello to my stomach. :D We were a table of 6 so we couldn’t have one of everything…would’ve been nice though. There was rainbow trout (magic is happening with the roe as we speak), yellow perch, smelts (so fun to eat), catfish (which was my favourite!!) and silver bass.

The bread is housemade. Fresh, it was fluffy and very satisfying. There’s nothing quite like freshly baked bread…well a good loaf at least.

Yes, I took a photo of the table. I just love long communal tables!! To me, they represent a big comforting meal and great company. :)

Verdict: It was a fun and delicious tweetup! Chef David Friedman (formerly of Fishbar, Table 17 and Terra) is doing sustainable right. Red Fish, located in the former Mitzi’s space has a very homey, comforting atmosphere, perfect for date night or a relaxed dinner with friends and family. Psst! Their lunch sounds phenomenal.

Check ‘em out!  http://redfishresto.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. You must try their herby fish fillet. It is served with either rice or mash potatoes topped with garlic and an exquisite array of herbs that makes it amazing.