Lazy Sundays #1: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is an annual event held at the CNE grounds. This was their 90th year so there were even more special events than usual. Regular events include: a horse show, produce contests, poultry/cattle/sheep contests, the Weston Canadian Open (where you can watch professional riders perform jumps), and butter sculptures. Also, did I mention rabbit jumping?! It’s fun for the entire family and you get to appreciate Canada’s farmers and breeders’ hardwork! :D

It seems that this is normally an annual tradition for families to attend the Royal Winter Fair. For me, this was my first time! This “lazy sunday” post (those exist right?) is to setup for the my next post: Group of 7 Chefs’ Dairy Dinner featuring Matt Jennings. Psshh yeah it was amazing!

So for those who haven’t been to the fair before, here’s a little taste of what it’s like. And for those who’ve been or attend regularly, hoping to bring a llama home or to milk a cow (and drink the milk straight…), here’s some photos to whet your appetite for next year.

Here’s one of the butter sculptures! I wonder if they toss or use the butter afterwards…

All local Ontario-grown harvests get judged. I’m not even gonna hide this, my friend vouch for me, I came into the Direct Energy centre with one goal in mind: find the giant pumpkins. How do they get so huge?! And where’s Cinderella? (ok fine, that was not a witty reference, I take it back).

Baby chicks just a week old! How adorable! Let me save you!! Actually, they’re all destined for the egg-producing side of things so I won't be picturing these when I'm eating chicken. 

Don’t touch the eggs! It's great to take your kids here for some hands-on learning! Going beyond the classroom allow you to get a firm grasp on concepts learned within. (Yeah, the teacher in me coming out).


Displaying how Canadian honey is made. And for the brave, a little hole to put your ear to. Because we all enjoy the sound of bees buzzing that close to us…especially thousands of them. I leaned in for probably only a couple of seconds before I got goosebumps everywhere. 

Highest stalks? There’s gourd, sunflower, kale and corn.

This guy wants out. Or he’s checking to see if I have some nibbles for him. You can pet/feed the animals here. Definitely a huge attraction for the little kiddies.

“Yo bro, what’s that?” “Oh…I don’t know”, “Maybe it’s food, let’s lean in for a closer look!” “So uhh, can I lick it?!”

The little guy in the bottom photo fell back the first time (hehe). I figured I’d show a picture of his second, successful attempt...you know, to save face and all. ;) 

There are so many more squash/gourd varieties out there that we aren’t exposed to like we are with apples. They’re proudly Ontario-farmed too so why not?! I say bring on the peanut squash and the sweet dumpling squashes!  

These are some freaky looking vegetables! According to the label on the top one, it’s a “kohirabi.” But google says it should be “kohlrabi” (although photos don’t match up), a German turnip. Can someone confirm/clarify this for me please? 

Yup, what is normally the giant clothing / dvd / misc products shops at the EX (here) has been turned into cattle stalls.

I swear he’s looking straight at me!! It was a little sad to think that I’d be eating him very shortly just meters over…then I smelled the food cooking and I was sad no more!
If you haven’t been to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, you should definitely go at least once! You get an experience like no other (and from some of the “interesting” smells, appreciate farmers that much more). This year, it ran from November 2-11. There are tons to see and lots of events happening (you can learn how to shear a sheep!) so it’s well worth it a trip here.

Check ‘em out! http://www.royalfair.org/

P.S. Happy december!! :D We be seeing many clean-shaven guys this monday, yay! 

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