Lazy Sundays #2: Cranberry & Oatmeal Cookies

It’s that time of the year again. As a paddler, I’d like to call it “bulking season” before our muscular endurance phase. But in truth, it’s simply the HOLIDAYS! :D If we were bears, we’d be packing on some serious pounds in preparation for hibernation. So here is one of my favourite cookies to get you started! (recipe here).

To the other university students out there, good luck on your finals! Just a couple more weeks and we’re home free until January! ;) I, for one am eagerly anticipating having my dragonboat team at my house. We’re have an “ugly sweater-christmas-secret-santa-party”! What are your awesomepossum plans this holiday season?


(Or just scoop 'em)

 And there should be one last photo here, similar to the cover photo where the cookies are all baked and ready to be devoured! :D Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it (off my sd card, which means it's gone forever!). Hope you enjoyed the rest of the photos though!! Happy holidays, hot cocoa afternoons, quiet nights by the fireplace (or your monitor set to a fireplace screensaver), huge famjam meals, and embarassing moments on the rink with your friends! 


  1. nomnomnomssss. I'm excited for this Sunday! =D