Lazy Sundays #3: Lime Meringues

LAZY SUNDAYS #3. Tonight is a special night. I’ve finally set time aside to bake. To me, it’s the ultimate stress-reliever. I’m not sure if I’ll be taking photos tonight, so for now, here are the lime meringues I baked a couple months ago!

It seems that have I lost the recipe. Worry not because the recipe I used for these lime meringues needed some tweaking anyways. 

So, it’ll be little tips here and there instead.
TIP #1: Egg whites reach their maximum volume when you use room temperature whites as opposed to cold ones straight from the fridge.

TIP #2: However, it seems that it’s easier to separate yolks & whites from each other when the eggs are cold.

TIP #3: To add the sugar, add one tablespoon at a time, allowing each addition to be incorporated before adding the next.

TIP #4: Make sure you beat til stiff peaks, but don’t overbeat or you’ll gain grainy whites that break.

TIP #5: I went wrong here. Know that the meringues will harden as they cool!
Next time I will remember to bake slow and steady. That way, you ensure the meringues are light, still white, but also dry and crisp. If you mess them up, that’s fine. Practice makes perfect ;D 

I gotta thank my parents and especially my brother for always being so supportive (at times, too supportive) of what I bake. So we’ll see, next time I bake meringues (in a couple of days) I’ll let you know how they turn out; hopefully perfectly because they’ll be for my team!