Parts & Labour


Parts & Labour (@partsnlabour). Just next to Cowbell in Parkdale, it’s an uncommonly large space (converted convenient store) where one can enjoy a relaxed dinner at long communal tables. Opened in 2010, they quickly expanded from dinner to brunch and even catering. Chef Matthew Matheson has a rooftop garden from which he sources some of his ingredients. The food’s well-executed and very affordable, the cocktails are supposedly stellar, and there’s live music downstairs in The Shop. How can this not be promise of a great meal?!


Skin + Bones


Where to go on the last repeating digit date of the century (12/12/12)?  How about the relatively new restaurant in Leslieville, Skin & Bones where Chef Matthew Sullivan heads the kitchen?! Sounds about right. Quietly opened in November last year, it hadn't yet broken through onto the foodie scene yet. Oooh I had no clue how great of a meal I was in for.


Bestellen: suckling pig


Bestellen (@BestellenTO), the dream-come-to-life of Chef and owners Rob Rossi and Ryan Sarfeld. Standouts here include their dry-aging room (we’re talking glass panes that you can see into), their burger (made of strip loin, chuck and short ribs) and family-style dishes.


la carnita (errday)


La carnita. Where to begin? For starters, this is the first of an increasing number of vendors / concepts that went from being a featured pop-up at the Toronto Underground Market to a bricks and mortar location. To be successful enough to afford a permanent location along with staff really speaks to the quality of the food they dish out. You should definitely go try ‘em out if you haven’t yet gone.


momofuku daishō


As word got out that Chef and restauranteur David Chang would be bringing his momofuku restaurant empire up across the border to Canada, anticipation amped up quick. Then it was announced that the Canadian outpost would be in Toronto, at the yet-to-be-finished Shangri-La hotel in the form of a three-level, quadruple restaurant concept. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, they finally opened individually at the beginning of September!


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen


Located in Liberty Village, tucked away just off of King west, you’ll find Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (@mildredstemple). Moved to its current location in 2008 from 99 Sudbury, owners Donna Dooher and Kevin Gallagher continue to provide diners with great food. Did someone say brunch, burgers, and beer?! Ahoy yes please.


Sour Cream Lemon Cake

Happy New Year!! I figured I’d ring in the new year with cake…makes sense right? A couple of days ago, some family came over to visit. Of course, there’s the obligatory “you’ve grown up so much! What year are you in now for university? What are your future plans?!” Scary stuff that last one. But I digress. Ooh cake time!