Grand Electric


Although Parkdale is not very commuter-friendly, I’ve come to realize that it’s amazing. So many of the restaurants that I want to hit up are all within this 1-km radius it’s insane! Ever since that first time a year ago, I’ve been itching to return to Grand Electric (@grandelectricTO). I’m super lucky that my friend was totally onboard to go too. Amazing tacos here we come!


BEAST restaurant


I’ve been to Beast (@BeastRestaurant) restaurant a few times now and have never been disappointed. A few years ago, they took over the quaint house off of King st west that used to be Amuse Bouche (Chef Bertrand Alépée) a few years ago, owners and Chefs Scott and Rachelle Vivian have a really great thing going on. (psst! Both Scott and Bertrand recently partnered up to host "The Tempered Beast" which was delicious!) They’re huge on local and sustainable ingredients and even have a link for their suppliers! From the artwork (by Rachelle) on the walls, this place is definitely for meat-lovers.


Pizzeria Libretto


Pizzeria Libretto (@pldanforth). Real Neapolitan pizza. Two locations. Wood fired ovens that bakes pizzas in less than 90 seconds. I’m surprised I haven’t gone here earlier! Chef Rocco Agostino (@ChefRoccoTO, also part-owner) has created a solid menu that doesn’t disappoint. The calamari appetizer is a keeper and a favourite amongst regulars. Their pizzas have been touted to be the best in the city.


The Tempered Beast (Winterlicious Culinary event)


As I mentioned in my last post, Winterlicious is so much more than just prix fixe meals at restaurants. The Tempered Beast is but one of 14 culinary events happening this time around. For two nights last week, Chef Bertrand Alépée (@TheTemperedChef) and Chef Scott Vivian (@BeastRestaurant) teamed up for a couple amazing dinners. Here’s what we had…


Canoe (winterlicious)

Twice a year, Toronto has a two-week city-wide culinary event highlighting local restaurants; Winterlicious & Summerlicious. Right now, there’s Winterlicious going on (January 25 – February 7) and fret not, reservations are very much still available! After all, the celebration of sorts has grown to 191 participating restaurants this year! And on top of that, there are culinary events as well that offer over-the-top food adventures!