Grand Electric


Although Parkdale is not very commuter-friendly, I’ve come to realize that it’s amazing. So many of the restaurants that I want to hit up are all within this 1-km radius it’s insane! Ever since that first time a year ago, I’ve been itching to return to Grand Electric (@grandelectricTO). I’m super lucky that my friend was totally onboard to go too. Amazing tacos here we come!

1330 Queen st. W
Toronto, Ontario

Reservations: no reservations available
Transit: 29 Dufferin bus southbound OR 501 streetcar from Queen station
Hours: everyday (11:30am-4pm, lunch, Sun – Tues 5:30pm-12am, Weds – Sat 5:30pm-1am  

Hah! I didn't notice the shark last time! :D Owners, Colin Tooke and Ian McGrenaghan, (both ex-Black Hoofers), put the spotlight on kickass "tacos + bourbon". Seriously, so many great chefs have worked at Jen Agg's Black Hoof!! Thanks for fostering such talent! :D

Oh hey chalkboard menu. I like you a lot. “No credit cards”?! Not so much. The last time I came, the tuna ceviche taco blew me away so I insisted that Sina and I get one. He was game. :D

Guac & chips (9) is classic. Sina really liked the guac. As for me, it was all about the chicarrón! 

Tuna Ceviche (9). I was beyond stoked to see this arrive at our table. I remember how fresh and “meaty” the chunks of tuna were like it was yesterday. The crummy thing was, this one didn’t match that food memory. There was something off about the fish—we weren’t even able to finish it. :(

Spicy Squid (9). Awww yeah. Piled high as it should be. The way to approach this calamari “taco” is to attack it with your fork. And attack it we did. So perfect. I highly recommend it. Watch it being expertly assembled in this Vice video. 

Psst, here's the video that you gotta watch! ;D (4:50 = assembling their Spicy Squid taco)

Tacos (3.5 each). Nothing but good stuff, that you get to eat with your hands! Eating without utensils is liberating because your fingers get dirty but who cares?! ;D There’s a “scrapple” taco on the menu…would’ve loved to try that if I wasn’t getting very full.

Key Lime pie (5). Sina was super full at this point but being a bit of a black hole myself, I pushed onward to dessert! :D He managed to squeeze in a few bites and we both agreed that it had the right amount of zing to balance that mountain of meringue.  

Verdict: I’m coming back for more. Service was prompt and friendly. Best part—even though we came around 8pm, we were able to get seats at the bar immediately! No wait for us booyeah! I’d gladly come back for the spicy squid taco and I giving the tuna ceviche another chance. I WANT THAT FOOD MEMORY TO BE FULFILLED.

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I love, love the way you edit your photos!
    I've always wanted to try Grand Electric - The Beef Cheek Taco sounds especially tasty!

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