Pizzeria Libretto


Pizzeria Libretto (@pldanforth). Real Neapolitan pizza. Two locations. Wood fired ovens that bakes pizzas in less than 90 seconds. I’m surprised I haven’t gone here earlier! Chef Rocco Agostino (@ChefRoccoTO, also part-owner) has created a solid menu that doesn’t disappoint. The calamari appetizer is a keeper and a favourite amongst regulars. Their pizzas have been touted to be the best in the city.
The Danforth
550 Danforth ave
Toronto, ON

Reservations: on their site / 416 466 0400 (they also do take out!)
Transit: Pape station (3-5 minute walk west)
Hours: 11:30am – 11pm everyday
Locations: 550 Danforth ave, 221 Ossington

It’s about time I checked them out. So at the end of the winter break, a couple of my best friends and I were able to meet up and have dinner here.

Buttermilk Fried Calamari (11) – red pepper, almond romesco sauce, Libretto herb oil
So good. It’s almost a joke how you hear people go crazy when they see calamari on a menu, “ohmygod we HAVE to get it!! I lerve calamari!” I’ve never shared that same enthusiasm. Too many times have I gone along with it and been stuck chewing (more like gnawing at) the squid. This calamari is done right! Perfect. “I lerve this!”


Ricotta Gnocchi Fritti (6) – house-made crema fresca, lemon, chives, rosemary
You just swipe it in the crema then pop it in your mouth! So yummy.

House-made Sausage (16) caramelized onion, mozzarella, chili oil

Duck Confit (17) – bosc pear, mozzarella

House-baked bread
When we first got to Pizzeria Libretto, all three of us were starving. So naturally, we were really looking forward to nibbling on some bread. And then it didn’t come…still didn’t come. Only after all our food came did the bread arrive. It was delicious and I want more right now.


Sfingi (Italian-style doughnuts) (7) – lemon curd, caramel sauce & seasonal accompaniment
Although we were pretty stuffed we still managed to make space for dessert. Oh yeah, there’s ALWAYS space for dessert. I wished that they were a little lighter.

Verdict: The pizzas were really solid! The service was a bit slow though. I don’t have a particular affinity to thin or thick crust. If a pizza tastes good, it tastes good! There’s no doubt that I’ll be back for lunch (prix fixe for $15!), the pizza, and of course the calamari because “ohmygod it was SO good!” No really, I’m craving some right now.

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I been wanting to go to this place since forever! looking at your pics makes me want to go even more. Hopefully soon, just so out of the way for me.

    1. You should definitely go! It's pretty affordable for the quality of the food. How out of the way is it? There is always the ossington location or is that even further? :S