Toronto has become somewhat “ramen city.” It was a bit overwhelming…to the point where I only hit up my first ramen joint here last month. Yup. I finally jumped on the bandwagon! It’s hard to say no to a warm bowl of broth and noodles when your face is freezing. And then there was also just about everyone raving about their favourite ramen place.

Downtown Core
91 Dundas st e.
Toronto, Canada

Reservations : NO reservations (to contact: 647 748 1717)
Transit : 5-min walk from Dundas station
Hours : Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

After going to Kinton (Guu’s ramen outpost), I knew I had simply been holding myself back. It’s RAMEN RAMPAGE TIME!!! Shortly after Kinton, I went to Santouka. There are plenty of opinions out there…and according to fellow food blogger Jess (and many others), I had to get the “Toroniku Ramen” from Santouka because of the pork jowl. 

The first Ramen Santouka location was opened on Hokkaido Island 25 years ago by Hitoshi Hatanaka. What started out as a small shop with 9 seats has since turned into 55 locations

Here are their ramen seasonings.

Toroniku Shio Ramen (15.9) – simmered pork jowl and salt-flavoured ramen
There it is…Santouka’s notorious pearl-coloured Tonkotsu soup and their pork jowl! There’s a finite amount of pork jowl available daily! I’ve heard people mention that they find the broth too salty. Just know that you can customize the salt level! Ask for less and it’ll be PERFECT. The broth was silky and smooth…very complex. 

As for the pork jowl. So tender with just the right amount of fat!!

Verdict: The service at the beginning left much to be desired. Long story short, our names weren’t taken down properly so two parties who came later were seated before us. Besides that, I loved the ramen (ooh that pork jowl!!) and would easily come back for that…and overlook the rocky start to the meal.

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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