Forced hiatus

 You may be wondering why I’ve been so MIA the past couple of months! My answer: that’s what teacher’s college does to you. I’ve been meaning to post more and in particular, write a post very similar to this over a month ago but I was too busy (ironically enough).


The Return of the Hoof Café Brunch


Could there be better news than owner Jen Agg’s tweet about the return of Hoof Café?! Since it re-opened in January, it is now a permanent pop-up at Raw Bar. For four days a week, you can get your fill of Hoof Café brunch to fuel you through the rest of your day!


Tweetup: The Gabardine

For me, there isn’t much guesswork when it comes to eating in the downtown core. There’s only about a handful or so restaurants that I’d dine at, no questions asked. With the right combination of great food, atmosphere and decent price points, The Gabardine (@TheGabardine) is one of those few restaurants.


Cookbook Giveaway: Finally…Food I can Eat!

Happy Easter! To some, ‘tis the day of gorging on those Cadbury mini eggs. As for me, I find myself hunched over my laptop, frantically getting work done for tomorrow. Oh, and I got offered the same summer job position in France as a couple years ago and this time, I took it! After training, I’ll be leaving for France at the end of June!!!!!!