Cookbook Giveaway: Finally…Food I can Eat!

Happy Easter! To some, ‘tis the day of gorging on those Cadbury mini eggs. As for me, I find myself hunched over my laptop, frantically getting work done for tomorrow. Oh, and I got offered the same summer job position in France as a couple years ago and this time, I took it! After training, I’ll be leaving for France at the end of June!!!!!!

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY! I was kidding about France, although a job there would be awesome. Now onto the matter at hand, I’d love to welcome you all to my very first giveaway! 

Fittingly enough, it’s a cookbook giveaway. :D I couldn’t be happier to host this giveaway because after trying some of the recipes from Finally…Food I Can Eat! (and bookmarking many more), I can confidently say that this cookbook is definitely a keeper.

This cookbook is great. Shirley Plant wrote this cookbook from her own experiences and she understands how tricky mealtime can be with food allergies, intolerances, and restrictions. Despite the recipes being yeast-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free (etc.), you wouldn’t even know it. It’s truly guilt-free eating!

My brother has the longest food allergy list out of anyone I know. I’m talking yeast, mild dairy, nuts, soy, melons, some beans, chicken, beef, shellfish, a lot of spices, fungi, a lot of fruits etc. Cooking dinner and making sure he can eat everything is always a challenge.
With this new cookbook, I can easily find Peter-friendly recipes all in one place! :D And I can get him to cook his own meals more often too! Muahahahaha

I really emphasized the allergy-friendly aspect of Finally…Food I Can Eat! But that’s only because it’s very applicable to my brother’s situation. The cookbook is full of useful advice like “food combining tips”, “substitutes for common foods” etc. The recipes sound delicious…Parsnip Soup, Lime Coconut Cookies, Stuffed Lamb.

Now in its fourth printing, Finally…Food I Can Eat! is such a practical cookbook to have!!
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This GIVEAWAY closes FRIDAY, APRIL 12th at 11:59PM EST! Winner will be chosen randomly and notified shortly. Good luck everyone and thanks for entering! :D
***This giveaway is OPEN TO ANYONE IN BOTH CANADA & THE U.S.!


  1. Darn, that pasta looks amaaaazing! And when I read the "going to France" part, my heart skipped a beat. Booo... stupid April Fool's, lol.

    1. bahaha It's true that i was offered a summer job, but that was a couple of years ago ;) Did you enter the giveaway Amy? It's super easy!! :D:D