Forced hiatus

 You may be wondering why I’ve been so MIA the past couple of months! My answer: that’s what teacher’s college does to you. I’ve been meaning to post more and in particular, write a post very similar to this over a month ago but I was too busy (ironically enough).

I just finished my final assignment yesterday so I’m free!! More like free time for one week before I hit the water six times a week (not including workout sessions at the gym). The silver lining is definitely there though.
  1. I LOVE dragonboat and paddling with my teammates.
  2. I am so excited to see how the team will grow and progress this year. 
  3. A few people may not approve, but more exercise/training = better excuse to EAT OUT!

A few days ago I was going to treat myself by taking a sneak peak at all the food photos I had amassed over the last couple of months. Long story short, while trying to make backups, I had accidentally deleted them ALL from my SD card. Freaking out is an understatement for my reaction. 
One of the very few photos that I was able to recover. Coconut layer cake w/ lemon curd and whipped cream.

Huge thanks to all those who helped / are helping me out! Thank you David, Paul, Graham, Andrew and Geoff!! You guys are awesome. Unfortunately though, I’ve only been able to recover about 50 photos out of over 500. The biggest hit for me, losing all my SlurpTO and coconut layer cake photos. Such a downer. Almost all my photos have been reduced to this:
GREY BOXES everywhere. This was supposed to be a photo of Yours Truly's delicious ramen offering at SlurpTO.. :(

Recovery Programs I’ve tried so far:
  1. Pandora Recovery
  2. Recuva (I've recovered the most (50ish) photos with this program. I can see the thumbnails of most of the others but the actual photo is still a gray rectangle).
  3. PhotoRec (uses command line, which I'm not familiar with)
  4. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
  5. MiniTool Power Recovery
  6. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

This means that I’ve been on a “forced hiatus”. Can’t tell you how crappy this feels. I'm SO SORRY GUYS! I’m still trying to get my photos back so if you know of any reliable JPEG recovery programs, please let me know. I’ll probably shoot RAW from now on too(much bigger file, but 2 copies).

Thanks guys for the understanding & continued support! :)