Milk Bar’s Banana Layer Cake

After a couple of posts leading up to the culminating “cake assembly”, it’s here! Most of the recipes in the Milk Bar cookbook require planning ahead with the preparation of different components before final assembly or baking. That “entirely from scratch” approach is, for me, what sets this cookbook apart from others.  


Milk Bar’s Banana Cream


Time to move onto part two of my Banana Layer Cake adventure! This component is actually part of the original recipe unlike the Cornflake Crunch that I substituted for the Hazelnut Crunch (my brother’s allergic to nuts). I found some uses for the leftover cream beyond the suggested ones in the Milk Bar cookbook so make a full recipe and enjoy what’s left after you slather it on your cake!


Milk Bar’s Cornflake Crunch

Happy Victoria Day!! ‘Tis finally time for a post and this one’s about baking. After I received the milk bar cookbook as a birthday present a couple of years ago, I’d been bookmarking a few dozen (who am I kidding, I want to bake everything single thing in that book!) recipes to try out in the attempt to relive my milk bar experiences in New York. Cereal milk soft serve with cornflake crunch was at the top of that bookmarked list.  


Daily Bread’s Ultimate Chef Challenge

In Canada, we’re proud of the food we grow and make. Despite the wide range of great ingredients found in our country, there still exists a lack of access to food. The Daily Bread Food Bank (@DailyBreadTO)not only addresses the causes of hunger in their goal to end it, but they also provide long-term employment opportunities through the Food Services Training program and the Daily Bread Catering Kitchen.


Wordless Wednesdays: Skin & Bones


There were easily over 100 restaurant openings last year in 2012. How many are notable and which are “return-worthy” depends on whom you talk to. For me, Skin& amp; Bones (which opened in late November) merits multiple return visits. It’s taken me awhile to go back, but better late than never!