BOXED Toronto


Last month, Chef Matthew Sullivan, the man behind the BOXED Toronto, finally announced the next installment of his pop-up dinner. It’s been awhile since the last one so I’m sure people had been anxiously waiting for this just as much as I was. A week or two after tickets started selling, the menu theme was announced:

Asian-inspired! This didn’t come as a surprise to most, considering Matthew’s girlfriend is Taiwanese and the man’s always tweeting photos of food she prepares! As the former executive chef of Maléna and Skin + Bones and having staged at The Fat Duck and Gramercy Tavern, there’s no doubt that we were in very good hands that night.

I had the smart idea of walking to Happy Child from Dufferin station. Obviously I overestimated my speed walking abilities and had to jog there. What greeted me was this shot (Bourbon Daisy?) and beef tartare. If I was “rewarded” with that every time I jogged I’d jog every morning, afternoon and evening. Max cardio!! 
Happy Child mixologist James Taylor took care of us all evening with great drinks! Being seated at the bar meant being able to watch this guy at work. Does it make sense to say that he’s precise yet laid-back and chill at the same time?

This edition of BOXED Toronto was a two-night event (by that I mean 2 dinners), 20 seats each night. I was seated next to a friend so that was cool and made a new friend as well. :D Lots of nice drinks that night. At one point, it got a little embarrassing, as I was slouching over in my stool. Had to tap out or else I’d fall asleep halfway through dinner. I missed out on an awesome sake cocktail…

Amuse: Jellied consommé with foie gras, chives. I don't quite remember everything in this dish but it was really good! Matt instructed us to mix it all together. The flavours were insane! And the dots, that's foie gras. So creative. 

Course 1: Canadian Sashimi – salmon belly, foie gras, maple syrup

Course 2: Beef Noodle – beef tendon, cod, toasted noodle

BONUS! Oyster. Loved the briny "juice".

Course 3: Ma Po Tofu – shishito, smelts, nori

Course 4: Yellow Perch – seafood congee, hundred year old egg, side stripes

Course 5: Grilled Beef Cheek – XO sauce, scallion, braised Asian greens

Course 6: Doughnut – strawberries, scorched custard

Verdict: I enjoyed it all. Every single course. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because of the theme (I eat Chinese food every day!!) but Chef Sullivan’s inventive take on his inspiration cuisine (oh those noodles and broth were dreamy!) was quite the game changer! Be sure to get on their mailing list by shooting an email to info@boxedtoronto.com so you’ll be in the know the next time they come around.

5 out of 5 NOMs