Lemon Pudding Cake

How long has it been since my last post? Too long. I've been mad busy and haven’t really gone out on food adventures besides cheap team dinners. I thought I didn’t have anything to post, then I found photos of a few things I baked. Oh the nostalgia of being in my kitchen downstairs baking late at night!

This time, I tried a new recipe for Lemon Pudding Cake. Anyone else love lemons?! I heard from a friend that you’re either a chocolate person or a lemon person. If that were true, then I’m definitely the latter! It's actually the next tattoo that I'm gonna get! ^_^  (And if my parents read this, I'm totally joking! Me, tattoos? What that's crazy talk!)

The recipe could easily be altered to make lemon cake by the addition of more flour, baking powder and butter. Come to think of it, I think I made this dessert to satiate my sweet tooth/lemon dessert hankering but without using a lot of butter…

Egg + butter. Two of the most versatile ingredients out there.

Whisk whisk whisk! Which reminds me, anyone know where I can get a replacement whisk attachment for my immersion blender? It broke almost two years ago and I haven’t found one yet. Was forced to hand whisk a swiss meringue the other day—which by the way, is a fantastic workout for your arm but not when you’re in a rush and needed to get things done yesterday. :( 

To keep the pudding light, the egg whites were whipped separately then “gently” folded into the batter. 

I like how the tops came out coloured, kinda like if I torched them slightly. And that’s another thing on my list, getting a kitchen torch! TIP: It’s cheaper to get just a regular propane torch from Home Depot or any hardware store compared to a tiny kitchen torch. 

While I was prepared for it to have the consistency of pudding, it still threw me off that the top resembled cake while the rest of the pudding was…so pudding-like. Felt like I was eating lemon curd, but not as tart. Next time, I’d say go all the way with lemon cake, or perhaps try to bake lemon bread pudding. In which I’m sure I’ll toss other fruit.