Momofuku Milk Bar Toronto


Last year, David Chang’s Momofuku empire migrated up north to (almost) everyone’s delight, moving right next to the new Shangri-La hotel on University. Three levels, four concepts. As recently as last month, there was denial of Milk Bar would join the party up north. And now, a new Milk Bar “boutique” occupies the once empty glass cube of a room on the second floor next to Nikai! Let’s face it, it was begging for some compost cookies, savoury croissants (not available—yet?) and crack pies.

2/f, 190 University Ave.
Toronto, ON

Reservations: none
Transit: 1-min walk from St. Andrew station OR 5-min walk from Queen station
Hours:  Monday – Sunday 11:30am -11pm

So far, I’ve been to Noodle Bar downstairs (that egg in the ramen was phenomenal!) and Daishō. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to dine at Shoto but one can always dream. (I didn’t have my DLSR on me D: )
Totally bumped into Andrew Richmond (co-owner of La Carnita) & Hassel Aviles (TUM founder)!

Here’s a short video with Milk Bar’s owner, highly-creative-baker-extraordinaire- immune-to-sugar-highs-and-crashes Christina Tosi baking some badass compost cookies (P.S. the little girl is so adorable!!):

I tried making an adapted version of it once. It don’t beat the real thing though.

She also hosted a “Bake the Book!” session! Hopefully there will be more in Toronto in the fall and not just in their Williamsburg production kitchen. Errtang's made in the production kitchen, packaged then shipped to Toronto via UPS.

Although it doesn’t currently offer the same baked goods as the 5 Milk Bar locations in NYC (due to cakes not travelling well compared to cookies), word is they’re currently working towards being able to add more items to the current menu. 

Not that my word means much, but I’d love nothing more than some cereal milk soft serve within commuting distance please!

In the meantime, you can pick up one of the Milk Bar cookbooks and try to recreate some of the magic yourself. Be prepared for multiple-day projects though as these recipes are not only precise, but time-consuming. 
I appreciate the precision but of course having the option to pick up birthday truffles whenever I want is nice too. (By nice I mean hold me back from going there once a week because I will and unless I walk the 40km back home, it’ll be very bad news for my figure).

Walking around downtown after dinner at La Carnita, a friend and I stumbled onto University. I started gushing about milk bar and when I mentioned cereal milk, he was on board to making a pit stop. We sat down to enjoy a slice of crack pie which we both thought would’ve been perfect with, what else but a tall glass of milk! 

For the record, I asked and they didn’t have any. Should rethink that! Just sayin’…pie + milk = perfect combination. Who wants to settle for water?! I’m kidding it was delicious. Better than my first crack pie experience
Verdict: This boutique-style operation is pretty neat! You can pick up shirts, totes and cookie mixes along with cookies and full-size crack pies! Continue checking back because they change their stock often (ie. the blueberry cookie proved to be more popular here than in the original bakeries and weren’t in stock when we went). So next time you drop by Noodle Bar for ramen and pork buns or Daishō for a family-style meal, don’t forget to grab a basket, pop into Milk Bar and pick up some treats for the ride/drive/walk home! You won’t regret it. :D

Check 'em out!: http://milkbarstore.com/main/toronto/

4 out of 5 NOMs

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