Sabai Sabai


Thai time! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out for a quiet meal with friends. Sabai Sabai is the latest Thai spot that involves the husband-wife duo Jeff and Nuit Regular. If you’ve been to Khao San Road or Sukhothai, you know what I mean. You know you will be enjoying the real stuff, no ketchup pad thai here! Actually, no pad thai at all…

225 Church St.
Toronto, ON

Reservations: 647 648 4225 // @sabaisabaito // info@sabaisabaito.ca
Transit: 4-min walk from Dundas station
Hours: Mon – Sat 11:30am-2:30pm (lunch) // Mon – Wed 5:30-10pm, Thu – Sat 5:30-11pm (dinner)

Sabai Sabai has been on my radar ever since they opened so it definitely a welcomed dinner spot suggestion when a couple friends and I decided it was about time we met up. 

Chef Nuit’s reputation precedes her (if you’re wondering, it’s a good one!) so I knew that I need not worry about what’s on the menu. It also helps that my parents raised me not to be picky and to enjoy all kinds of food. 

The space is pretty classy, cozy and the walls are covered with artwork and Thai posters / memorabilia. 

A well-stocked bar is always good news. 

Fresh chrysanthemums! The yellow is so vibrant, it’s not often that you’ll get fresh flowers at the table anymore… 

Time to get our drink on. Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea—sho refreshingly good. 

The special cocktail of the evening, a sort of lychee soho vodka slushie. I was expecting a small glass but this, this was huge! Well, for my cocktail standards. Stella really liked it so if so happens to be the special when you go, I’d recommend it. 

Tapas style Northern Thai food. C’est parti! Let’s go!   

Crispy shrimp chips with tamarind dip – 4
So addictive, I could probably snack on this all day..

Tom yum soup with shrimp (spicy) – 6
This was a bit harder to share since it’s not an average sized bowl. You can share between two people but for us three, we only managed to each get a few spoonfuls. Tonight, that was not a problem though because we ordered quite a bit of food. 

Deep fried freshly grated squash fritters – 7 
Ugh so good. Perfect snack food, now if only I can replicate this at home. 

Crispy fried taro roll – 9

Khao soi, egg noodles in coconut curry gravy, beef – 9
I love coconut and have yet to dislike a coconut dish. Khao soi is probably the best loved dish of Chef Nuit’s. I can see why, it’s well balanced; the heat, the fire-soothing coconut, the crispy noodles. I snuck in spoonfuls of the leftover curry after I finished the noodles. It was tempting to left the bowl to my lips like you’d do with GOOD pho. 

Northern Thai curry fish custard steamed in banana leaf – 8
Definitely not something I’m used to. It looks pretty neat but I’m a sucker for textures. This was just—soft. 

Crispy fish with housemade sweet & tangy tamarind reduction – 8
This was something special!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Not greasy at all but super crispy and mad moist.

Grilled Northern Thai pork skewers with spicy nam chim dip – 8
Another winner. Love skewers and this was so moist!!! 

Mango Sticky Rice   5 
One of my favourite desserts of all time. I was raised to have fruit as dessert so this is right up my alley. So simple yet so good!

Verdict: Besides the food here being so solid and affordable, Sabai Sabai is a rare place where you can enjoy quiet conversation! The noise level is more than tolerable. Don’t get me wrong, I like the buzz and the loud music, but sometimes, you just want to catch up with friends over good food without having to yell. It’s so chill! I’ll definitely be coming back soon.

Check ‘em out! http://www.sabaisabaito.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs


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