YVF Organic presents #LegsAndTie at Edulis

 Last week was food adventure gluttony for me! Back-to-back food adventures is definitely cause for excitement in my books! Sabai sabai on Tuesday, then Edulis for #LegsAndTie on Wednesday, how lucky! So what’s all this #LegsAndTie shenanigans about you ask?

169 Niagara St
King West
Toronto, ON

Reservations: 416 703 4222 // info@edulisrestuarant.com // OpenTable
Transit: 63 Ossington bus south OR 504 King streetcar west  
Hours: Sunday lunch (12pm-1:30pm; reserve!) // Weds – Sun 6pm-10:30pm (dinner)

To prep for a series of dinners presented by Yorkshire Valley Farms, four foodies were approached to be paired up with chefs from four restaurants in Toronto. (Mad jelly of them all because these chefs are very talented and passionate!) Each pair created a dish inspired by YVF’s organic chicken and beginning mid-July, there was a dinner at each of the partnering restaurants to present the dish to a table-full of hungry friends!
Warm, house-baked bread. YUM.

Before the #LegsAndTie dinner at Edulis, there was Fabbrica with Yvonne & Chef Rob, and Beast with Joel and Chef Scott. Paired with Chef Michael Caballo of Edulis (co-owned with manage Tobey Nemeth, formerly Chef de Cuisine at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar), it was now David’s turn to show off the chicken dish that he helped create. Super excited! Thank you for inviting me! :D
Spanish influence here with the olives!

I had planned to arrive punctually, a good 10 minutes before the dinner began. Then of course I forget my phone at home, and all I have to guide me to Edulis is the knowledge that it’s on Niagara St. After a few misguided directions from well-meaning strangers, and a nice jog around King West, I finally found the restaurant!! Had to take a moment to catch my breath compose myself before going in. I mean, this is the “#1 Best New Restaurant in Canada for 2012” (in EnRoute Magazine)! Can’t be sweating like a pig… 
Poached Baby Leek – Australian Black Winter Truffle (26)
Check out the size of that slice of truffle! 

The famous “Lightly Smoked Herring ‘à L’Huile’” (20)! It’s served with Dijon potatoes. Very enjoyable and how can you say no to such a beautiful casserole like that?! I really like how it’s served family style and not too dressed up or anything. Homey, but the in-house smoked herring is seriously good. It’s not something I’m used to so it was fun to be introduced to something different!

Stewed Baby Summer Squash – basil, sheep’s milk cheese, pine nuts (10)
A dish wish some rather subtle flavours. Everything works together naturally. 

Charcoal Baked New Potato – salt cured foie gras, green onion jus (12)
Check out the size of those discs of foie! Very generous portion. I do enjoy bolder flavours so this is a dish that I’d return to for sure. 

Chicken Chorizo w/ Ajo Blanco
The dish of the night!! What we’ve all been waiting for, what did Chef Caballo and David do with the organic chicken they got from YVF?! Some pretty cool stuff I’d say. They made a chicken chorizo, then wrapped chicken skin around it, placed it atop some killer ajo blanco. Everyone just short of inhaled this dish. Very well constructed, every component.

I had a great meal, made some new friends, couldn’t have asked for more! Except maybe for the rain to have waited a tad longer until we all got onto the streetcar. Thanks again David for inviting us all!! Thanks to Yorkshire Valley Farms for such great product and Branding & Buzzing for organizing such a fun event. Then of course there are the participating restaurants and chefs. Hopefully it was a fun experience all around! :D
Verdict: You can clearly see the French and Spanish influences in Chef Caballo’s cooking. It’s very comforting, although quite restraint, but reliably good. Great, attentive service as well. I think it’s all the nuances and care that go into the sourcing and prep of the ingredients that may have been what put Edulis over the top when it snagged the #1 spot, but I don’t want to speculate, I just wanna eat great food amongst good company. :)

**Note: They’ll be closed for summer holiday after dinner service Saturday, August 25th! They’ll reopen for dinner on Thursday, Sept 5th! Love how their menu is super seasonal (although there are some menu staples such as the smoked herring). One last thing, the chicken dish was complementary; the other dishes we ordered on the side.

Check ‘em out! http://edulisrestaurant.com/ (If you’re into the whole family-style dining thing, check them out for Sunday lunch where you can pre-order a European set menu including their famous Heritage Chicken Baked in Hay, Paella or Whole Roasted Foie Gras! There’s also $50/$70 Carte Blanche dinner specials!)

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. great pictures and great post. love edulis!